What Your Valentine’s Outfit Says About You

The 14th February is once again just around the corner and that means that most people’s thoughts are turning to love. Many guys will be wondering how they can woo their dream girl and show her just how much she means to them. Whereas all the girls out there will be busy dreaming of their ideal date and wondering how their man is going to sweep them off their feet this year. Will it be better than last year’s Valentine’s Day? Here’s hoping!

I’m sure that many of you gals will have already wondered about your all-important Valentine’s Day outfit. Already got yours sorted? Here’s what it says about you!

Bright Prints

There are always some patterns and prints that are in fashion. For instance, leopard print was a big thing last year. Florals seem to come and go as well. But, as long as you are wearing a pattern or print that suits you, you can’t go too far wrong wearing one. Wondering what this says about you? It gives off the vibe that you are fun and playful, and are open to see where your Valentine’s date will take you! You certainly won’t be taking the 14th too seriously, that’s for sure. The best way to wear prints for a date is with a summers dress. It’s easy to create your sundress style Simply buy a dress that suits you and that you feel completely comfortable in!

Sophisticated Reds

Are you expecting to be wined and dined at a fancy restaurant? If so, then you will have no doubt thought of wearing something a bit more sophisticated than what you might usually put on. There’s nothing more classy than deep reds, especially when you wear this shade in a full-length dress. This kind of dress shows that you know what you want and you expect to be treated like the lady you are. Let’s hope your man isn’t intimidated by you!

Jeans And A T-Shirt

Not too bothered about the whole Valentine’s Day fuss? If not, then you will probably be happy to just kick back in your regular jeans and a t-shirt! There’s nothing wrong with a casual Valentine’s Day, of course. It means that you don’t take these mushy, lovey-dovey holidays too seriously, which is probably a good thing! You can show your love at home, in private. Why not watch your favourite rom-com movie with your partner?!

Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a fun date option. I’m sure that most women have one somewhere in their wardrobe. And there is no wonder why – it is very versatile and can be dressed up or down, however you need for the occasion. This kind of outfit shows that you are open to go with the flow and you are ready for almost any situation. You can change the whole look of your outfit with your choice of jacket!

Have a great Valentine’s Day, whatever you end up doing. You’ll no doubt look fabulous no matter what you wear!

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