User Review: Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy is a product that sounds like it could be a lot of things, and a versatile home helper sponge wasn’t really on the top of everyone’s list.

This product is CUTE and eye catching which doesn’t usually have anything to do with it’s efficiency and so isn’t relevant BUT with the Scrub Daddy the eye-catching cute factor is a design feature that has everything to do with how efficiently the product works.

Scrub Daddy is a scrubber that changes texture depending on the temperature of the water. It is great for all sorts of jobs around the house and it can be easily sanitised by running it through the dishwasher, on the top shelf. I would be tempted to buy a couple so that different areas had a dedicated Scrub Daddy. Sanitised or not I don’t know that I want to use the same sponge for my outdoor furniture that I use for my dishes.

A little bit of research over on the website and I discovered that the Scrub Daddy is also available in colours so that you can delegate cleaning responsibilities to your Daddy’s. A separate colour for the bathroom, kitchen and outdoors. There is also a Lemon Fresh Scrub Daddy infused with fresh lemon aroma to help deodorise your icky spots.

Dishes are not my favourite job, not even close, but when I washed them the other day I thought I would put Scrub Daddy to the test and see how he did. I washed in hot water which made him nice and soft, contoured to get right into the bottom of glasses with two ergonomic finger holes (eye sockets) to give that bit of extra stretch to the bottom of the glasses.

The mouth opening is designed to get both sides of your cutlery at once and when I got the hang of finding the mouth this was a great way to get through the dried on goop.

Scrub Daddy is soft yet scrubby which makes him safe for non-stick surfaces while still tough enough to get all the pesky residue off your kitchenware.

The interesting thing with Scrub Daddy’s texture is that he doesn’t hold onto the things he scrubs off surfaces, he rinses clean and works well with just water. Sponges can be horrid for attracting odours but Scrub Daddy is designed to resist odours. Now this is a claim I’ve heard before and it usually comes with a warning that leaving a sponge sitting wet and soggy will create odours so I would say squeeze out excess water and sit him somewhere that he can air and dry.

I wasn’t happy just putting him through his paces on the dishes though, when I finished I put him to work on my stove. Now, my stove is actually almost at the point where I would prefer to replace it than try to get it clean again. This was a job that definitely needed a firmer hand, and sponge, so I used cold water and elbow grease to cut a path through the baked on grime around my hotplates and was pleasantly surprised at the job it did.

The lead up to Christmas has me with more jobs to do than hours so I haven’t managed to put him to work anywhere else yet, but I am looking forward to doing so.

This is a cute, comfortable and original new addition to your cleaning cupboard that I would recommend, especially to those families trying to avoid lots of harsh chemicals.

RRP: $5.95

The Scrub Daddy range is available online at: and you can check for your nearest stockist HERE.

Thanks to Scrub Daddy 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are trialing the Scrub Daddy Original and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

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