Tips On Handling The Heat and Humidity

At this time of year part of the world is getting ready for winter while the other is preparing for hotter weather. For those of us at Beauty & Lace, summer is just around the corner, which means excessive humidity in the more tropical areas. If you have curly hair, this could mean that your rings will get a bit tighter, you will sweat a lot, and there is a possibility that mould can grow in your home.

Humidity can bring on all sorts of discomfort in the summer, which is why we put together this list of ways you can deal with it. Just as a great night’s sleep is good for your beauty, so is combating humidity when it hits.

What Is Humidity?

In short, humidity is the amount of water moisture in the air. Some of the areas of the world tend to be more humid than others. The more tropical regions end up taking on the brunt of this humidity attack.

If you live in an area that has a higher than average humidity level then you are more than familiar with how much this extra water in the air can cause problems. Fortunately, there are several ways we can combat humidity and protect our skin, our hair, and our homes; from moisturizers to a quiet dehumidifier. Keep reading to arm yourself against this summer’s humidity.

Drink Your Water

When dealing with humidity and the heat your body can suffer from serious dehydration. Your body begins to sweat as a cooling mechanism when it is hot, and we lose a good deal of our precious moisture. When you need to be hydrated keeping up with your required eight 8 ounce glasses a day is especially important.

Without regular hydration, your skin could dry, get flaky, and even crack in some situations. If you want nice nourished elastic skin then our suggestion is to get that reusable water bottle and keep it with you always.

Limit The Makeup

Let’s face it when the humidity levels are high and the weather is hot it is very difficult to keep makeup on our face at all. For the hottest time of the year, you might want to consider skipping the makeup altogether. We are only talking about the base and concealers.

Of course, sometimes we just can’t go without our makeup. How do you cover up those dark circles if you can’t use concealer? Then you need to find makeup that is resistant to the heat and humidity. You can also try to combat those other problems with a face mask or a cucumber peel. Besides, with all the water you are drinking, your eye circles should diminish.

Mascara and lipstick are always acceptable, but if you want to lengthen those lashes we suggest you use the waterproof type to prevent smudges when you sweat. As for lips, try a stain in the summer so it doesn’t wear off quicker.

Use a Mister

These are great when it’s hot and muggy out. All you need to do is carry a mister in your purse and when you are feeling a little hotter than you’re comfortable with grab that relief and spray your face with a little refresher. You can get a small spray bottle from the dollar store and create your own mister with water and a few drops of lavender oil or you can buy one made by a cosmetics professional.

Put It Up

In this section, we are focusing on your hair. Humidity and hair are not the best of friends, as anyone with a little bit of curl can tell you. If you are a person with hair that’s long enough to tie back then you should consider this option when you are headed out.

You can opt for a cute short cut or bob and let your curls go wild but, as many of us with natural curls can attest to, sometimes those curls turn into a horrible head of frizz. There are plenty of products available that claim to calm the frizz but some of them are not so strong against a heavily hot and humid day.

So, you can always carry a hair tie in your purse or on your wrist for any frizz emergencies.

Paint Your Nails or Get Them Done

Since we are doing things like tying our hair back to avoid frizzy messes and skipping on some of the makeup because it may just melt off our faces anyway then it is imperative that you keep your nails looking great all the time. Beauty is important to us and, when the summer months rob us of our beauty routine, then we need to compensate in other areas.

There is no better way to feel feminine and fixed up than having a great set of nails on our hands and feet that look amazing. It’s hard to deny how great we feel when we have red painted nails or a great French pedicure to show off in our open toe shoes.


The heat is setting in and with it comes sweating, frizzy hair, and possibly dry skin. Do your part to make yourself feel great and try some of our anti-humidity tips. You’ll be happy that you did.

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