Mad Paris Luxury Watch Customizer

Watches have long been classed as a fashion accessory, and they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. For those who want to stand out and make a statement, Mad Paris offers customized watches where you will be smiling every time you check the time.

If wearing a Rolex, Bvulgari or Cartier watch isn’t enough, this service allows you to make your luxury watch even more unique. This independent company can do minor alterations such as changing the DLC coating, or more advanced modifications like adding initials or mixing up the dial.

Some of the locations include Paris, London, Aspen and Riyadh, so if you are planning a getaway this service gives you the keepsake you can remember your holidays by.

Mad Paris will give you a warranty on their work, and great care is taken by their skilled workers to ensure the luxury item is preserved. Here are a few examples of what you can expect, with these exclusive designs:

As you can see, these make an already beautiful watch, even better and allow the wearer to add their own unique touch without losing the original style. There is a range of materials to choose from with gold, steel and even jewels. Mix this up with colours with black, blues, greys and chocolates and finish with brushed, matt or polish – the choice is entirely yours!

If you are a fan of luxury items, and know watches can be the ultimate statement piece, the service from Mad Paris is one you will appreciate. While some of the creations may end up being worth more than my car, this is an investment you will want to wear every single day.

For more information on what the brand can do for you, please visit Mad Paris. Are you dreaming of a customized luxury watch or is this a reality for you? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 




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