Going on the First Date: 6 Tips from a Man’s Perspective

According to statistics, first dates become the last ones in more than half the cases. The reason for this is that men and women have different expectations; that’s why they don’t succeed at dating.

Is this a date or not?

First, let’s define in terminology. The first date is not a meeting of two old friends, who suddenly decided that they are in love with each other. No, the first date means meeting someone in person after communicating only via the Internet, phone, and so on. In our time, given the frenzied popularity of dating websites, such as primedating.com, some people go on first dates 3 or 4 times a week. The most desperate ones date someone new every day. Now, let’s talk about expectations. It’s great if both believe that their first date is just a simple and non-binding appointment in a café or bar. However, even in this case, a woman, as a rule, expects much more than a man from such appointment. This is where women make their first mistake. For them, the word “date” implies a love affair, though they may not admit it. A man, in his turn, is free to do whatever he wants, simply wanting to see a woman in person and understand if he likes her, if she attracts him sexually, or if she has a pleasant voice and manners. Women expect courtship right from the first date.

How to make the first date successful

Let’s suppose that a man liked a woman even before the first date. What should she do not to scare him off? She just needs to see herself from a man’s perspective, and this is not as difficult as it may seem.

1) Dress appropriately

This doesn’t mean poking around the wardrobe, trying all the dresses and choosing jeans and a sweater in the end. It means that a woman shouldn’t dress the way she dresses every day. Trying to be natural, or, on the contrary, showing her individuality, a lady won’t succeed. If she likes wearing old sneakers or hides her hair under the hat even in summer, she has to forget about her preferences at least for one day.

2) Makeup and perfume

This should complement a woman’s image while showing her individual preferences. Those ladies, who never use perfumes or cosmetics, can, of course, take a risk and come on a date without makeup, but their chances of making a date successful drop dramatically.

3) Let a man take care of you

If a man is a bit shy, drop a hint that you want him to take care of you. If a woman expects her companion to take the initiative, she may never see him doing it; it’s a matter of luck. A man you liked can be anything, but first of all, he’s a man. And he likes to fulfill a woman’s desires, her small whims. But if he doesn’t understand what you want from him even on the third date, you should look for a new companion.

4) Don’t ask too stupid and too serious questions

The first category includes questions like “What are you thinking about?” “How are you?” “What’s new?” The second one includes questions about your companion’s personal life, his parents, children, and problems at work. Only one thing is important now: if your companion is single. But it’s better to ask such questions before your first date.

5) Don’t talk about other men

This point needs to be emphasized. Sometimes women make such a mistake; they start talking about their exes, their friends’ husbands, and so on. It doesn’t matter what you say about your ex-partner, men don’t like it. The only man you should talk about on the first date is your companion.

6) Man’s skills

Even if a woman knows aikido, can bend a horseshoe, and drives a helicopter, she can only casually mention such skills, but not focus on them. The same goes for a business lady: a date with a man of the same status is not a business meeting, and it’s better to leave the business skills in the office.

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