Family Decorating Ideas

Families live and thrive in their homes, and family homes are the centre of children’s lives as they grow up through the years. You can make your home even more familiar to your children by taking on home improvement projects that the whole family can enjoy. If everyone living in your home is involved in choosing and finishing decorating projects, the entire family will enjoy the benefits.

Decorating projects taken on by the whole family help to build bonds and serve as an excellent opportunity to teach children the benefits of DIY. Creating a warm and friendly family home is really important for a happy family life, and it is so much more effective if you involve your fellow family members. Here are some decorating ideas the entire family can take part in.

Paint a room

Adults and children can get involved in repainting a tired-looking room together. With a room painting project, you can teach your children the essentials of carefully handling tools and how to be tidy while working. Let the younger family members have the fun of painting large, solid areas while the adults top up edges and work on the more detailed finishing. You can also let the entire family vote on the colour of choice, giving everyone the feeling that they had some input.

Overhaul the garden

The more hands you have in the process of clearing out a garden, the better, and kids can help with the nitty-gritty tasks of pulling out weeds and brushing away leaves. Involving the whole family in gardening helps you to accomplish the task much quicker, and everyone can enjoy the pleasure of a tidy, pretty garden knowing that they contributed to it. Gardening is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about plants and wildlife, introducing them to the natural world far away from the television and mobile devices.

Decorate a wall with photographs

Fix up a bland wall with a range of photographs chosen by everyone in the family. Sit down and browse through your family albums, and let everyone pick their favourite photos to frame and fix to the wall. You could even opt to create a family tree against the wall with pictures from great-grandparents right down to the latest addition to your family. The finished wall will be a warm reminder of how close you are as a family.

Install window shutters

Window shutters comes in various styles, such as tier on tier or café style, and they can be excellent additions to any room. Hygienic and easy to clean, window shutters are a popular decorating project that can involve everyone. You can get your fellow family members to jump in by assigning roles ranging from taking measurements to drilling the holes you will use to affix the shutters. Wooden shutters can add an authentic and warm feel to a previously bland room, making it more liveable for the entire family.

Assemble flat-packed furniture

If your kids are old enough, they can prove essential in helping you put together a new shelf, desk or table. Often requiring two people to assemble, flat-packed furniture can be a fun and entertaining project. You can use the opportunity to teach your children how to read instruction sheets and the importance of correctly following the steps given in order. It is also a great chance to show your family that constructing objects manually can add useful, new decorations to a home at a very low cost.

Play with washi tape

Japanese masking tape is a very playful decorating tool that even young kids can use. Best of all, it is easy to remove when something goes wrong. Washi tape can be applied liberally to walls to create colourful patterns, or it can be used to decorate light switches or even your fridge door. The entire family can work on planning a design, and everyone can contribute to tracing out the design on a surface, quickly cheering up any room or object.

Decorating as a family is an excellent idea because both you and your children will be creating a space that you will want to spend time in and will be proud to call home. It gives kids the opportunity to create something that is bigger than them and allows them to be in charge for a change. Parents decorating with kids have the opportunity to explore their relationships, forming closer bonds as a family while creating a warmer and more inviting family home.

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