Why dogs are a woman’s best friend

It has long been said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but what about women? Many people mistakenly think that women prefer cats to dogs, but this stereotype is being overturned nowadays as women increasingly become dog owners. Women too can form close bonds with their canine companions, and quite a number prefer them to cats. Some dogs are also more comfortable around women than men. This mostly depends on how the dog was socialised when growing up. It is thought that dogs might find men intimidating since they are naturally taller and more sturdily built than women. Other dogs prefer women’s soft voices to men’s deeper ones.

Regardless of stereotypes and research, pet preference is an individual matter. More women these days own dogs. Dogs possess friendly personalities, loyalty, a protective nature and a sense of fun. They also make good companions, and the number of breeds available ensure that women can find one that matches their needs, preferences and personality.

Like men, women will keep dogs for their companionship. Nothing can lift a person’s mood faster than being welcomed home by a happy pooch at the end of a long day. Dogs sit and listen quietly to their owners, making them ideal confidantes for those who need one. Their cuddly nature, sweet disposition and playfulness is a balm for those who live alone as they will never lack company. Furthermore, research has shown that petting and cuddling dogs can greatly improve an individual’s mood, boosting “feel-good” hormones and keeping loneliness at bay. It seems that ladies who own dogs are on to something.

Active, athletic women will also find that dogs make good exercise buddies. Even ladies who are not very active will find that taking their pets for a walk will easily get them moving. Some gyms have wised up to this and are now providing dog yoga and other fitness programs in which women and their dogs can participate. As a side benefit, taking a dog for walks and runs can expand the owner’s social circle. Most people find it easy to talk to dog owners, and their pets make ideal conversation starters.

Another reason why women like dogs is because of their protective nature. Dogs bond easily with their owners, and this combined with their innate territorial nature makes them perfect guardians. Mothers especially love this quality as they can be assured that their children will be in good hands, or paws, when playing outdoors. Single women, on the other hand, will sleep better knowing that their dogs will keep an eye on them.


Bringing a dog home

Different dog breeds have different needs, and women need to take these into consideration when selecting a canine companion. Active women can easily handle active dogs such as Border Collies, while those with a more sedentary lifestyle will welcome a docile breed such as the English Bulldog.

Other than exercise, ladies should consider the amount of grooming a dog will require. Long-haired breeds will need to have their coat cut and trimmed more often than short-haired ones. The animal’s temperament should also come into play, especially for those who have children. Kid-friendly dogs are more tolerant of children’s antics and outbursts and have more patience with them.

Dogs need to be easily trainable to make housebreaking as simple as possible. This process takes time, and owners need to be patient both with themselves and with their pets. Additionally, women who work for long hours should consider getting a dog breed that is independent and comfortable being left alone for long periods. More sensitive breeds can get separation anxiety when their owners leave them, leading to a host of behavioural problems. Although dog anxiety medication and treatment is available, prevention is always better than cure.

Women’s favourite dog breeds

As stated before, pet preference is subjective. Nevertheless, women have been found to favour some breeds over others. Toy dog breeds remain hugely popular among women who want small, cuddly pets that they can easily carry with them and accessorise. Good examples of these include Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) and Chihuahuas. These dogs have special needs, and due diligence is required before making the decision to keep one.

Those who prefer cute, affectionate and playful dogs often go for the Bichon Frise or Papillon, while active, adventurous women will do well with Collies and Huskies. German Shepherds and Boxers are perfect pets for those who want larger, protective dogs. Overall, both men and women love Retrievers due to their affectionate, playful and friendly nature.

It is important to note that no dog breed is bad. With a little research, women can find a dog who meets their needs and provides unconditional love and companionship.

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