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A charm bracelet is a beautiful keepsake item that can last a lifetime and the options are almost limitless. Selecting a gift for Baby’s first Christmas can be quite troublesome, if they are born late in the year they are very young and it can be tough to pick something special that they won’t grow out of too quickly. This is where Charm Bracelets come in for baby girls, and depending on how you go about it you could have just sorted gifts for at least the next decade.

The range of Chrarm Bracelets at Oh My Giddy Aunt is extensive and leaves you with lots of options. You can buy a ready made bracelet with the charms all attached already, you can buy the bracelet with all of the charms and gift them one at a time through the years – this is a great option for remembering what is already on the bracelet and avoiding doubling up. There are themed bracelets, starter bracelets and a wealth of charms to choose from available in sterling silver or solid 9ct yellow rose or white gold.

My daughter has just become a teen and she was gifted a Charm Bracelet for her first birthday, every year she gets  a new charm and she absolutely loves it – and now I’m almost ready to let her wear it without freaking she will lose it.

I have been looking on the site at all of the amazing Charm Bracelets available at Oh My Giddy Aunt, bracelets that are Australian made by Master Jewellers with decades of experience and expertise.

A couple of my favourites from the extensive range are the Christmas Wish Bracelets and the Heart Starter Charm Bracelet and it was difficult to narrow it down to just two. Both of these bracelets can grow throughout the years to tell a story, either the story of your relationship or the story of your child.

The Christmas Wish Bracelets, and charms, come in either Sterling Silver or 9ct white or rose gold. These come with a set of either 6 or 12 specially selected Christmas Wish charms each with a personalised Wish Scroll and a soldered clasp, ready to clip on the bracelet and add to the story without the need to visit a jeweller.


The great thing about this is that you buy as a set, which saves you about 30% and means once you give the bracelet and first charm for the first Christmas you then have the next 5 or 11 Christmas gifts sorted and you don’t have to worry about what’s already on the bracelet because you aren’t shopping for a new charm every year.

The charms for the Christmas Wish Bracelets with 6 charms are: Personalised Star, Scroll, Bell, Angel, Santa and Christmas Tree.

The charms for the Christmas Wish Bracelets with 12 charms are: Personalised Star, Scroll, Bell, Angel, Santa, Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Holly, Bow, Christmas Pudding, Candy Cane and Snowflake.


Prices start at $149.95

The Heart Starter Charm Bracelet is completely customisable which makes it perfect to tell the story of your love or your child throughout the years.


The bracelet is a classic belcher chain with solid sterling silver links that can be clasped at any point along the chain for growing wrists, and will take a charm at every link if required.

Heart Starter Charm Bracelets come with an Oh My Giddy Aunt signature Keepsake Heart which can be engraved with a name or initials on the front and features Forget-Me-Not daisies on the back, which is included in the price.

A heart or star grow clip can also be added so that the bracelet can be clasped at any point along the chain, making it more secure for smaller children.


These Sterling Silver bracelets are 19cm long and available in either a B2 or B3 link sizes. White or Rose Gold are also available, prices quoted by request.

Starting Price $69.95

To have a look at the gorgeous range of charms and charm bracelets available at Oh My Giddy Aunt visit them at giddyaunt.com.au or on Facebook.

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