BOOK GIFT: Ten Little Elves

Ten Little Elves is a cute rhyming tale for the little ones in your life this Christmas. A tale that will make them laugh, make them smile and gives plenty of opportunity to count elves as they go on their quest to save Christmas.

The pages are vibrantly coloured with eye-catching illustrations that aren’t overpoweringly busy or too detailed. Perfectly engaging for little people and I can not wait to share this one with mine.

Ten little Christmas elves are making toys when Santa calls for help, the reindeer are sick and need medication from the Reindeer Doctor’s cave. The ten elves are sent off to fetch the medication but the path to the cave is not smooth. They come across a yeti, a polar bear, an ice queen, a team of cute huskies and some mischievous seals.


A perfect addition to any festive story collection, a bedtime book or just an amusing little book to help get your little ones counting as the studious elves get picked off on their journey to save Christmas Day. I’m thinking it will be a fantastic book to add to our Christmas Book Advent Calendar and help us countdown to the big day.

I have an inquisitively precocious almost 3 year old who is getting a little too clever so this will be fantastic to help with his counting and recognising numbers because we do love to count together, and the older ones can get involved with helping him find other things to count on the pages.

Bright, festive, Christmassy and engaging the book is eye-catching and sure to entertain all ages. The rhymes are simple as well as amusing and it won’t be long before your little ones can read along with you – I know mine have always loved when they get to know a book well enough to read with me, though two are well and truly old enough to read by themselves now.

Ten Little Elves is published by Hachette Children’s Books and available November 29 where all good books are sold.
RRP: Hardback $24.99, Paperback $14.99 and Ebook $24.99

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