Keune Blend

Keune have given their BLEND collection a mini makeover, and the new packaging is subtle yet eye catching in silver paired with a different colour for each product.

I have a couple of the new products in front of me so they are the ones I will focus on today, they are the GEL and PREP SPRAY.

The GEL works how it should, it holds your style with a slightly wet look. This will give your hair some protection from the elements with its UV filter and won’t leave it feeling dry after washing out. Quick drying, with an appealing scent – I would suggest this as a hair styling solution for short hair. Comes in a 75ml tub.


The second product is the PREP SPRAY, which is a product we all should be using when we subject our hair to hot straightening torture. Applied to dry or damp hair, this talented product will prepare your hair and help you hold your style. 150ml spray.


These are just two products from the extensive BLEND collection, for more information visit the Keune website.

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