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This past year I’ve started hearing about “Sugaring” – I’ve always been a waxer and that’s that. Sure, at home during desperate times the good old cream remover or electric hair remover will do, but at the beauty salon it’s waxing all the way!

So what exactly is Sugaring and what is with the sudden revival? I headed down to Adelaide City-based salon Visible Changes to find this out. Visible Changes is a short walk from Rundle Mall on Rundle Street. The salon is upstairs and well signed out the front so you know where you’re heading. The salon smells divine, and the staff are incredibly nice and easy to get along with, I was made to feel very welcome.

My Beautician was lovely and knew her art – halfway through my Brazilian I was already converted to sugaring. Sugaring is an ancient Middle-Eastern hair removal technique and the mixture is applied in the direction of hair growth and then removed in the opposite direction like a wax.

Manuka Hero copy

At Visible Changes they use Pharo Sugaring, a leading brand in hair removal. The product is made in New Zealand and ingredients include Manuka honey, Aloe Vera, Kiwifruit and Lemon – and the natural based approach means even those with sensitive skin can have this service.

Pharo Sugaring has the same feel/texture as wax without the heat; it is warm but not as hot as wax feels. The removal has a different feeling to waxing – it has the initial pull like a wax but without the after sting, this is because the sugar paste sticks to the hair and not the skin. I can now see why sugaring is so popular, less pain, hair grows back slower and temporary results can turn into permanent hair removal as frequent sugaring can cause the hair follicle to become damaged, stopping hair growth all together!

I’ve found no left over residue and no irritation has occurred. I wasn’t left with that post-wax burn that I sometimes get. The results speak for themselves. Sugaring certainly is a sweeter form of hair removal!

Phâro is available in over 100 salons across Australia and New Zealand and are distributed to the UK, USA, Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain.

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