Review: Little Girl Lost

Author: Janet Gover
ISBN: 9781781893067
RRP: $3.99

I should know better by now than to read a series in order when I am reviewing them, it makes it much harder to separate them for the purpose of review. But, I couldn’t help it. Books 2 and 3 were both sitting on my tablet waiting for me and I had a little bit of time to sneak them in…so I did.

Little Girl Lost takes us back to Coorah Creek to spend some more time with all the locals we have grown to love, and introduces us to some new characters along the way.

Max Delaney is the only police officer in town, transferred from a city position after showing a little bit too much integrity.¬† He’s now growing to love his new role in the sleepy little town of Coorah Creek, okay so there’s not a lot for him to do really except pull over the occasional drunk driver but he is growing to love the sense of community and the sense of family in the town.

Sarah Travers is Coorah Creek born and bred but she’s been away to university, now that’s graduated she’s home for a visit; only to discover her dad’s not well. Four years in the city has shown her that there’s a big wide world out there just begging to be explored but now that she’s home she might just stay.

Tia Walsh is brand new to town, she’s just taken a job at the mine and is the only woman on site. She keeps to herself and is distancing herself from everyone though she is certainly the talk of the town. Coorah Creek doesn’t get many petite, gorgeous women riding big Harleys and driving mining machinery.

Pete Rankin is a road train driver working out of Mt Isa who has been driving the Coorah Creek run for more than a decade. He is a good guy who is always ready to help out where he can.

These four characters come into the limelight in Little Girl Lost when a city family head into town for a camping holiday in Tyangi National Park. Renee Haywood is a six year old girl who wanders away from the motorhome in the park and the entire town come together to try and find her.

little girl lost

Little Girl Lost tells of the small town sense of community when everyone comes together to do what they can in a time of need, even when it is not for one of their own. No-one wants to think of a 6 yr old girl missing in the harsh outback. The way the town bands together allows people to see a new side of the town and to find a sense of belonging they may otherwise have been missing.

It couldn’t be a story of Tyangi Nationa Park without Dan, Quinn, Justin and Carrie who all do their bit to help out with the search. We also see a little more of Jack, Ellen, Adam and Jess; and the host of characters we’ve grown to know.

Once more Gover has brought together four characters facing challenges, I was going to put it differently but it’s only really Tia running from her past in this one. Sarah and Pete have some very real present challenges that were not what they signed up for but it’s a little different to what we’ve seen in previous volumes.

Little Girl Lost is all about second chances, belonging and that sense of home you find when things are right. A heart-warming story of the bumpy path to love.

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