Would You Get Breast Implants for a Bet?

Receiving any kind of cosmetic surgery is cause for careful consideration. Like getting a tattoo, it’s a decision you’re going to carry with you for the rest of your life; a permanent marker on your body. Receiving breast implants is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery, but just the same it can’t be decided upon lightly.

That is unless you’re Brian Zembic (pictured), the gambler and magician who gave himself huge breast implants to win a $100,000 bet, and has gotten so used to them that he still hasn’t had them removed.

So we all know how much Brian would do it for, but is doing something so impulsive for a bet really worth it? Is any money really worth changing your body so drastically? Unlike a tattoo, it’s definitely going to be noticeable. There’s no hiding a big new pair of breasts away for only a select group of individuals to peek at. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting breast implants, of course (or, for that matter, breast reduction surgery), but if you’re considering doing it for a bet, that implies it’s not a decision which has been made by you. Just imagine the surgeon at the North West Independent Hospital asking how you came to the decision to receive cosmetic surgery, and you answering “well, my friends said they’d give me some money if I went for it…”.

brian zembic

There are probably two kinds of people who will answer this question differently:

The First Kind

These are those who actually want breast implants in the first place and are suddenly being offered the chance to be paid to do it. No brainer. Just keep a straight face and pretend you are sacrificing something, when in actuality you’re getting your lifelong dream for free.

The Second Kind

Then there are those who find the allure of money enticing enough to actually consider morphing their body in a way they had never before considered, because let’s face it, regardless of how you first answered the question, if somebody stood in front of you with $100,000 and said it was yours if you gave yourself breast implants, you’d think about it. We all would. We just wouldn’t think about the long procedure or that fact that it is, in the end, surgery.

There’s a safety belt, of course. Just like how your hair will grow back if you shave it off for a bet, it’s possible to have breast implants removed if you decide you no longer want them (actually, it’s probably more similar to deciding you no longer want that tattoo of your ex favourite band or significant other a few years down the road). And hey, if you have done it for a bet you’ve probably just pocketed a whole bunch of cash. Good job.

But which is the right attitude? The “let’s live life to the fullest and take risks” people or “I’m probably going to regret this in a week, better just make a coffee and read a book” type? It might even just come down to whoever is actually placing the bet that would determine whether or not it’s a terrible idea. Maybe if the person was good for the money as was genuinely intrigued to see how breast implants would affect the mind of an individual who didn’t actually want or need them.

Which, frankly, is an interesting case study. If that were the situation, would taking the bet really be so different to volunteering to take part in clinical research trails like cosmetic testing or even serious experiments like sleep deprivation? If it paid well and you were perfectly aware of the consequences, perhaps the decision is an easy one.

Regardless of how you would answer the question if the situation actually presented itself, the one important thing we all need to remember is that none of us actually need breast implants. Some of us will get them, of course, and sure some of them will be nice, but it’s important not to lose complete confidence in our own bodies. All of our bodies are unique, and cosmetic surgery, while it is a perfectly okay route to choose, isn’t necessarily the answer. This is for the simple reason that whatever we do to try to enhance our aesthetic appeal, it will always remain a fact that the true nature of our bodies cannot be outmatched.

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