Book Review: Wish List (City Love #4)

Author: Belinda Williams
ISBN: 9781760302016
RRP: $3.99

Wish List is the fourth and, sadly, final installment of the City Love series featuring the four fast friends Christa, Maddy, Scarlett and Cate.

Finally, we have Cate’s story and I have been waiting for it ever so patiently. Cate has been there through the entire series and we get to know her a little better every time, but never really deeply. Cate is the romantic of the quartet, hopeless romantic it sometimes seems, but she hasn’t been having any luck. Throughout the series we have seen her heartbroken¬† after a bad choice and embark on something new but nothing that got really serious.

Cate is a financial planner, originally an accountant. She has a very logical, analytical mind and she loves lists. Kind of gives you a bit of a hint as to where this one is going to go.

I love Cate, I have from the beginning. Yes, there have been times I wanted to shake her and even in Wish List there were those same moments but that didn’t stop me loving her. She is a dedicated planner making her mark in her new job and career path while in her personal life she’s getting ready to end an era and lose her flatmate.

The eternal romantic is the last one left on the shelf and her friends are starting to treat her with pity, which she absolutely hates. Another night at home alone and just as she’s changing for a relaxing bath the hot water service bursts and leaves her in a compromising state of undress when the sexy plumber arrives to take a look.

The plumber may be sexy, competent and thoughtful but he doesn’t tick the boxes on Cate’s Wish List.

Wish List may be Cate’s story but it wouldn’t be complete without a look into the lives of all the couples from earlier in the series. We get to check in on the progress for all of them and come along for the ride that is Christa and Max’s engagement and wedding planning. We also get to meet his groomsmen, new characters that haven’t been introduced until now. And what do we have here, one of them is looking rather listworthy… but will that be enough.

wish list

Wish List was a little predictable and formulaic but it was fun. It was engaging and interesting with enough drama to keep me enthralled.

It was fantastic to finally learn Cate’s backstory, in its entirety. I always knew there was more to her and it seems there was a lot more to her story. She may be an open, caring, romantic but she has many hidden stories and traumas that she hasn’t shared with any of her friends. Wish List is her time to shine and we learn all about her past.

There is a lot more than meets the eye to the men in this story as well. Tragedy has struck, adultery, family drama, alcohol abuse and the list goes on.

Williams tackles the issues of drink driving, verbal abuse, sexual assualt and adultery with empathy and insight; she illustrates many of the different reactions and coping mechanisms with relatability and realism while still capturing the magic of romance.

Wish List is another heartwarming story with more than a touch of heartbreak that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m a little sad to have reached the end of the City Love series, I will miss these girls and their partners. I would love to check in on them a little further down the track to see how it is all going…. perhaps Lauren could get her own story, I’m sure that could work.

Perfect for a quiet afternoon to escape the school holiday madness.

Wish List was book #25 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2016.

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Wish List will be available May 26th from Pan Macmillan (All devices except Kindle), Amazon (Kindle), Amazon UK (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook devices), Google Play (All devices except Kindle), iBooks Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac) and Kobo (All devices except Kindle).

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