Our Top Ere Perez Picks

A little compilation of our favourite Ere Perez treats. We must say it is tricky to find suitable natural makeup but this brand trumps them all.

ere perez

Natural Almond Oil Mascara: $29.95

We have nothing but notable praise for this one and it’s one that we’ve used for many, many years. Not only is this smudge-proof and flake-free, it also provides excellent volume and is quite buildable in how you want your lashes to look.

Correcting Calendula Powder: $39.90

Available in three shades and is comfortable on skin. This provides a natural look and contains a lot of product in the container. We quite like the look of the packaging too, it is lovely sitting on display in bathrooms.

Rich Olive Oil Lipstick: $29.90

Our absolute favourite lipstick. This is very moisturising and provides such a lovely colour that is long-lasting. If we had to choose one shade that we favour above all others we would say Surprise as it’s the perfect hot pink and really very flattering.

Stockists: Visit http://ereperez.com for more information

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