Review: Gluten Free UpandGo

Mornings can be a challenge, I’m sure everyone can agree. Perhaps not all mornings but there are definitely mornings when a sit down breakfast is simply not going to happen.

We all know that breakfast is extremely important. It helps get your metabolism working but it also gets the brain into gear. You can’t do your best work, either at work or at school, on an empty stomach.

Gluten Free UpGo Vanilla Ice

Sanitarium Up&Go has been providing a liquid breakfast for those on the run since 1998. In the years since they were first launched Up&Go have been listening to consumers and continually improving their product.

Approximately 1 in 70 Australians have Coeliac disease and many more are limiting their gluten intake, or eliminating it completely. These Australians have challenging mornings too so Sanitarium took that on board and developed a Gluten Free Up&Go product to meet their needs.

Australians with a Gluten Free diet can now also enjoy a great tasting, convenient liquid breakfast choice.

Some important facts about the new Gluten Free Up&Go:

  • 4.5 Health Star Rating
  • 98.5% Fat Free
  • High in Calcium
  • High Fibre
  • 10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • No Artificial Colours

Gluten Free Up&Go are available in two classic Up&Go flavours, Choc Ice and Vanilla Ice.

Like the original Up&Go, the Gluten Free option contains the goodness of 2 weetbix and milk; providing half of an adult’s daily calcium requirements in every 250ml serve.

Earlier this week we gave both flavours a run and they were a hit, they also inspired an in-depth conversation about the importance of breakfast with my children.

upandgo choc

Texture is something I often struggle with when it comes to liquids and these Gluten Free Up&Go are smooth and not as thick as I expected. They weren’t as sweet as I was expecting which is always a good thing, the sugar content is 7.6g/100ml.

A sit down nutritious breakfast is the best start to your day, no doubt about it, but there are days that just isn’t possible and skipping breakfast completely has to be one of the worst starts to your day. So instead of heading to the nearest drive thru or going hungry the Gluten Free Up&Go is definitely an option worth having on hand.

Gluten Free Up&Go can be found in the Health Food Aisle at Woolworths and the Convenience section in the cereal aisle at Coles.

RRP: $5.49 for a pack of 3.

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