Dreambaby Step Stools

Dreambaby have released a new range of step stools, which will make parents life that little bit easier from the time toilet training begins up until they are helping you cook in the kitchen and need that extra height to reach the bowl (and I have to admit sometimes I borrow my daughters on occassion to reach the top cupboard).

There are two stools available:

The 2 Up Step Stool (pictured)

This is a sturdy design that allows them to step up to the toilet or bathroom sink. Made out of lightweight plastic this will hold up to 80kg. The design is white with blue dots (which also double as grip) and has an RRP of $13.95


Multi Purpose Stool

Once again this is made from sturdy, lightweight materials and holds up to 80kg. While this doesn’t have the step, it does have a curved design so it can fit around the base of the toilet. You can use this for any area of the home making it convenient and handy for years to come. Easy to clean, you get the grip and that extra height they need. RRP $8.95

Of course, you need to make sure you supervise your young children, especially in those slippery areas – but having a stool such as the ones mentioned above means they are able to explore their new skills and gain independence.

Visit www.dreambaby.com.au or call 02)9386 4000. Find them on Facebook at Dreambabysafety

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