Trilogy Firming Body Lotion

Recently I started putting together a selection of body loving products, and today I am continuing the trend with Trilogy. The pick is their Firming Body Lotion which is 150ml of nourishment.

Lets start with the key ingredients:

There is evening primrose oil, certified organic rosehip oil, jojoba oil and almond oil – these guys are to give the skin moisture and softness, not to mention they contribute to the beautiful scent.


Following these we have caffeine from green coffee and hyaluronic acid – this is where you get that little bit of extra firmness from and gives dull skin a boost. Lastly is avocado oil, and we all know how beneficial eating avocado is for our skin so it makes sense to apply it to help prevent over-dryness.

The Firming Body Lotion feels lovely on your skin and the effect is long lasting, however you can apply as often as required. I really like this as an added part of a healthy, active lifestyle as it gives you a softer, suppler body with some extra tightness where you want it.

Made in New Zealand, the brand supports local and ethical trade practices and are against animal testing. The products are non GMO and they use recyclable packaging.

RRP $25.95 / Get it at Trilogy

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