Review: Weet-Bix GO

I wholeheartedly agree that breakfast is extremely important, and a proper breakfast is best, but some days that drops down the priority list. I have never really been a fan of the on-the-run breakfast options because I didn’t enjoy any of the ones I have tried.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try the new Weet-Bix GO Breakfast Biscuits for review and I thought I would give them a go. I actually don’t eat Weet-Bix anymore but they are a staple choice for my husband and my children.

I have been trying the Wild Berry Burst and the Apricot Coconut Flavour Fusion varieties and I am pretty happy with them from a taste perspective. I enjoyed the flavour of both varieties.

Weet-Bix GO FOP BiscuitsFruit

Texture was not too bad though I did find them to be a bit dry so they really need a drink to go with them. They are crisp and crunchy with chunks of fruit.

Weet-Bix GO Breakfast Biscuits have been given a Health Star Rating of 3, which looks good though I’m not sure how it stacks up against other breakfast bars as I don’t eat them. A look at the nutrition panel tells us that they are quite high in sugar and a carb heavy option, the fat content isn’t too bad and these biscuits are high in wholegrains and a source of fibre.

The high carb and sugar content mean this is probably not an ideal breakfast choice every day but they are tasty enough to have on hand for the occasional bolt for the door morning. I didn’t think they tasted too sweet. I read the panel, I can see the sugar content but I didn’t find them to be overpoweringly sweet when eating them as many biscuits are.

I had a couple of the kids give these a go and they really enjoyed them. I think the toddler and I will be eating these for breakfast in the car on the days we are running severely late.

Coles supermarkets are already stocking Weet-Bix GO and they will be available nationwide from 31 August 2015.

Weet-Bix GO has an RRP of $4.49 for a multipack of five individual serves, and comes in a range of delicious flavours: Wild Berry Burst, Honey & Oat Crunch, Apple Cinnamon Twist and Apricot Coconut flavour Fusion.

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