Interview: Elle and Ella (Shnooki)

Elle and Ella are two Aussie mums who identified a need in the baby market and went about designing the product to fill it. It’s amazing just how much we can do when we know what we want but we can’t find it.

We found out a little more about their innovation, the Shnooki sheet, in this interview.

Hi Elle and Ella, welcome to Beauty and Lace and thanks for talking to us.

How did you come to work together?

Elle – Being next door neighbours with 5 children between us we often helped each other out with ideas and tips. When I was looking for a way to stop my youngest from getting tangled in her sheets Ella was the obvious person to go to and work with on some ideas.

What made you design the Shnooki sheet system?

Ella – As Elle mentioned her youngest daughter was constantly getting tangled in her sheets and getting cold in the night. After extensive research we could not find anything on the market that would keep Gemma tucked in and safe.

Who is this innovative product designed for?

Ella – Babies from 0 -12months, however we have also had people use it with their children past 12 months of age to keep them tucked in when they have removed the sides of their cots (so they don’t roll out).

It is perfect for people who have babysitters and/or grandparents as they can feel assured that their baby will be put to bed in the safe sleep position and the bedding won’t become untucked.

What is your background – did either of you have any prior knowledge of product development?

Elle -Having the five children gives us a little bit of experience with children’s products, I also used to work in retail specifically in the toy and baby areas. Ella has sales experience, however developing a product from paper to the shelves has been a huge journey for both of us!

Can you tell us a little about the design process?

Ella – Initially we did a lot of drawings (we knew what we needed in theory), we then made a number of prototypes and tested them on Elle’s baby, along the way we were in contact with SIDS for Kids, midwives and Health Centre nurses. Designing a safe product was important. When we were happy we had a few of our friends try it out and then got to the fun part, designing the pattern and choosing colours.


How did you decide on the materials?

Ella – Firstly we wanted to ensure they met the Safe Sleep Guidelines so breathable fabrics that would not overheat a baby were important, we also wanted materials that were soft and durable as well as machine washable.

Where do you have the products made and how did you decide on them?

Elle – The Shnooki sheets and blankets are made in India. India is in the top 3 cotton producing countries in the world and we wanted a high quality cotton for our products.

Can you tell us a little about how your products got their name?

Ella – Shnooki is a play on the word “snookums” which my Grandmother used to call my brother and I when we were growing up and is synonymous with cuddles and love.

How did you go about getting your name out there?

Elle – Initially we relied on word of mouth and every baby shower we have been to the Mum’s have received a Shnooki Sheet.  More recently we attended baby expos and have had great feedback and return customers, including whole Mother’s groups which has been fantastic.

Where can we purchase Shnooki?

Ella – Online at

What does being a woman mean to you?

Elle – This is a hard question as I see myself as being a mother, a business person, a friend and a person who contributes to society in a positive way.

Thank you for your time ladies and good luck with this amazing product.

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