Hazara Embroidery at The Migration Museum SA

The Migration Museum will play host to a Hazara community embroidery event on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of January from 11am until 4pm when the Chapel gallery will be draped with embroidery and crochet work to display the crafts at the core of their identity.

Showcased at the event will be items created for weddings and special events alongside everyday items. The embroidery is detailed and delicate with wide appeal breaching any cultural borders. The secrets of this intricate and gorgeous handiwork has been passed down with love and dedication from mother to daughter for generations.

Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to watch half-hour embroidery demonstrations on both Tuesday and Wednesday at 11.30am and 2pm.

kids and cushions

The Hazara people are migrants from Afghanistan who were persecuted by the Taliban, the group behind this community event have experienced massive changes in their lives and personal challenges. The connection to their craft is a strong bond to their homeland. In Afghanistan the women were severely restricted in their daily lives and confined to their homes. The social interaction with other women and the creativity of the needlework and crochet offered a welcome release.

This exhibition offers a chance to learn of their lives in Afghanistan, and now, while marveling at the intricate and wonderful works of art.

Visit the Migration Museum’s chapel next week and find out just how a stitch in time saves a community.

What: Hazara Embroidery Event

Where: Migration Museum – The Chapel

When: Tues 21 January & Wed 22 January 2014; 11am – 4pm

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