OMG! Desserts

Last week I received some information about OMG! Desserts and I thought about coming and telling you all about them straightaway but in the end I decided that I really needed to take one for the team this time. I couldn’t possibly tell you how wonderful and mouth-watering this range of desserts is without first hand knowledge; so I held off and waited until after shopping day when I went out and bought some to trial.

I hadn’t read through my information properly before I shopped so I happened to buy some of the original range of products rather than the new additions but I don’t think that really matters…. if it does feel free to let me know and I will head back out and buy some of the brand new ones.

Originally the range of OMG! Desserts consisted of Rich Belgian Chocolate Mud’n Mousse, Tiramisu, Berry Cheesecake, Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse and Creme Caramel. My family and I have just tried the divine Rich Belgian Chocolate Mud’n Mousse and Tiramisu and I must say that the range is definitely aptly named – there was an Oh My Goodness moment in every morsel.

OMG! Red Velvet MnM

Recently added to the range are Red Velvet Mud’n Mousse, Raspberry & White Chocolate Mud’n Mousse, Lemon Lime Mousse and Mango Mousse. Perhaps when I head back to the shops I will have to pick up some of these, just to make sure they retain the same decadent quality as the original range.

The Mud’n Mousse desserts are decadently divine with their fusion of mud cake, mousse, ganache and chocolate flakes. The Belgian Chocolate ones were amazing and I can only imagine how wonderful the Raspberry and White Chocolate ones will be – I must find out.

The serving sizes of these desserts are 90g which at first glance looked like they were going to be a tease and unsatisfying, leaving me wanting more. This was definitely not the case. The deliciousness of the dessert may leave you wanting more but the decadence means that the 90g serve is just perfect to satisfy you. Even my chocoholic, sweet toothed children could not have had more than one serve of the Rich Belgian Chocolate Mud’n Mousse – he of the sweetest tooth even shared of his own volition.

OMG! Desserts are all Australian made with the finest ingredients. Every recipe is taste tested to ensure the quality is top notch (I wonder if they need some more taste testers – I would definitely raise my hand for that job) and the toppings are created from real fruit in-house. The OMG! Desserts head baker is Richard Harris, he has 29 years experience baking and making desserts and puddings. He personally oversees every element to ensure that each and every OMG! Dessert delivers heavenly scrumptiousness in every mouthful.

To make these delightful desserts even more tempting is the exceptional value for money. An OMG! Desserts twin-pack retails for $2.99 – I was fortunate to get mine at 2 for $5.

OMG! Desserts are available exclusively in Woolworth’s supermarkets, you can find them in the chilled dairy desserts section.

To find out more go check out OMG! at and on Facebook.

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