CLOSED: Win with Cold Power Sensitive Touch

Do you or your family have sensitive skin? Are you looking for a laundry detergent that you can trust? Introducing Cold Power Sensitive Touch, a laundry must-have designed for sensitive skin which provides excellent results, the first time, for you and your loved ones.

Brought to you by Cold Power, the smart detergent brand you know and love, Cold Power Sensitive Touch is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and is free from perfumes to ensure sensitive skin remains free from irritation.

CP1435_CP_Sensitive_2kg_TL_LR New Claim

Providing a thorough clean, without a complicated routine, it’s as simple as placing the recommended dosage into your laundry load and letting it get to work. Not only does it work best in cold water, which in turn saves you energy and cost, it provides reliable results with minimum fuss – you’ve got to love that!

Cold Power Sensitive Touch is available in powder and liquid, Top Loader and Front Loader, (2KG, 2L) in supermarkets across the country (RRP: $14.99).

We have a year’s supply of Cold Powder Sensitive Touch to give away! Prize includes 12 x 2KG Cold Power Sensitive Touch in either front or top loader.

For your chance to win tell us in the comments section below which cleaning chore you dislike most and why!

Competition closes 25/09/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
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– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

323 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with Cold Power Sensitive Touch

  1. I loathe ironing so much, I don’t know why. I can do it mindlessly in front of the tv so you’d think I wouldn’t mind, but no, I hate it.

  2. Ironing, oh it’s simply a pleasure,
    Every moment, a moment to treasure,
    A chore that is simply a bore,
    What is there to adore?,
    Every crease is a pain,
    That makes mummy go insane,
    Daily ironing for my kids and partner,
    Never done with joy or laughter.

  3. Like most people, the one cleaning chore I dislike the most is cleaning the bathroom. No matter how clean I get it, as soon as my kids go and have a shower, use the toilet or just cleaning their teeth, it’s messy again! When they move out, I’m going to go over to visit, use their bathroom and leave it a mess (just like they do now!) and wait for them to complain!

  4. Hate doing the iron no sooner do you have one load under cotrol and away than the next lot is there waiting for you, so hard to get on top of.

  5. My most disliked household chore,
    Is tackling our ever-growing Mt. Washmore!
    With a very messy tradie hubby and three kids under five,
    If our washing pile collapses we might all be buried alive!

  6. Scrubbing the toilet. I have a bad back and the angle I have to bend at to do this is exactly the worst angle for my back.

  7. I’m not a big fan of any cleaning. I especially hate getting the dishes all done and put away, the bench gleaming, and then it’s mealtime and I make more dirty dishes!

  8. Washing for one as its never ending but i hate vacuuming/mopping.
    Dont get me wrong i love a clean house and that fresh home smell but i have all floorboards through my whole house so it literally takes hours.
    Then within minutes the floor is covered with juice and food crumbs thanks to my mini me’s
    Wouldn’t have it any other way though

  9. Ironing, scrubbing the shower tray and mopping all have equal place in ‘most hated chore’. It’s strange though as I love vacuuming, washing and cleaning the toilet!

  10. I HATE cleaning the bathroom. I’m sure there’s enough soap scum build up in there to provide cushioining to protect us in an atomic blast!

  11. That shower recess just haunts my sleep
    I hate scrubbing all that mould that weeps
    From the tiles, from every crack
    I wish it would never come back.

    The soap suds thrown around by the kids
    Means cleaning comes around quicker, but I’m never rid
    Of that mindless scrubbing and it never looks clean
    Even after breathless effort, the mould reconvenes.

  12. Apart from the health aspect, I don’t think my bathroom looks any cleaner after a massive scrub up. It disheartening & such a disgusting chore really.

  13. I don’t think there’s a cleaning job
    That I could say I enjoy at all,
    Cleaning in general isn’t fun,
    Doing it I don’t have a ball.
    Scrubbing the bathroom and shower
    Is awfully hard on my knees,
    And lifting the lid of the loo
    Makes me shudder and say “Oh please!”
    Dusting all my bits and pieces,
    Sees dust bunnies dance in the air,
    I sneeze and my eyes water,
    And fluff gets in my hair.
    Mopping and vacuuming make me ache,
    And the laundry is really a chore,
    And don’t get me started on ironing,
    I hate it with passion you can’t score.
    You ask why I so loathe the ironing?
    It’s boring and takes too much time,
    Who cares if clothes have a crease?
    If they’re clean, then I sure don’t mind.
    I’d rather have teeth pulled without anaesthetic,
    Than do ironing for hour after hour,
    Oh please let me win a year’s supply
    Of my favourite laundry powder, Cold Power!

  14. Being such a messy cook cleaning the oven is my pet hate, with all the spills at the bottom of the oven, the burn bits of ‘something’ , all adding to my woos, For me it makes me wonder it cooking is such a good idea… 🙂

  15. I hate cleaning the toilet. Yuck – it’s gotten especially worse now we have two children to make messes in there!

  16. I dislike vaccuuming the house, as I do it once per week and it takes hours! I hate shifting things to get under & around them and dodging cords……it drives me wild!

  17. Think I was born a princess and swapped at birth. Hate all chores. The worse is cleaning the shower alcove. It’s old and no matter how much I scrub I can’t get rid of the mould. Yuk!

  18. It’s not often we see eye to eye,
    The disagreeable vacuum cleaner and I.
    I give a nod with out reply,
    And approach with caution as I sigh.

    We dance the dance as I do try,
    To hunt dust bunnies so they may die.
    I wonder how they multiply,
    “They breed so fast!”, out loud I cry.

    And so I’m done, I bid good bye.
    The cleaner full and much less spry.
    Until we meet again to fly,
    When another guest comes by.

  19. To ones no-one can see that you have spent hours and hours cleaning like re-sorting the linen press, clearing out the crumbs that accumulate in the top kitchen drawer or cleaning the oven door.

  20. I’ll do sweeping, dusting,
    Even wash the clothes with a smile!!
    Don’t mind mopping and vacuuming,
    But, when I see dishes I run a MILE!!

  21. washing
    what a bore
    with stains to clear
    and clothes to scrub
    with 2 oh so grubby bucks
    no wonder washing is a bore

  22. I actually LOVE washing and never get tired of it even though I have 4 children. I hate dusting with a vengeance though!

  23. Cleaning the toilet! I can’t say that I really enjoy any household chores. Washing, drying, folding and putting away clothes for a family of six is tedious and time-consuming and cleaning up after four young children gives me a perpetually aching back, but when cleaning out the toilet I feel a real(if probably irrational!)resentment. I clean up their ‘poop’ all day and then have to(literally!)clean it out of the loo, too…!

  24. I absolutely hate dusting, by the time I get around to finishing my huge house – i have to start all over again. There is always dust and there will always be dust.

  25. Washing the dishes Is such a chore
    I feel like I’ve been doing it since I was born
    I long for a dishwasher I can’t deny
    Hubby better get me one before I die.

  26. Cleaning the oven is a thankless job and one I don’t appreciate. However if I soak the oven trays and racks in a tub of hot water with Soap Powder the grease just slides off!

  27. With a passion, I hate cleaning the shower recess, all that soap scum and dirt drives me out of the house and in my car to the movies, friends’ house or even my mother-in-laws, I really, really hate cleaning the shower.

  28. I simply detest folding the clothes & putting them away, seriously they’ve invented everything else, where is our clothes folder???

  29. They’re unavoidable and relentless
    Scummy shower screens-from them there’s no rest!
    Grotty grout, mould and clumps of hair
    Shower scrubbing is the chore that causes most despair.

  30. Washing is by far the worst. I dont have kids but three dogs who are inside all the time. The german sheperd sheds hair everywhere so its a constant battle against dog hair and dirt…lucky I love them.

  31. I hate Cleaning the Shower all the Scrubbing of Yucky Soap Scum is enough to make me want to Pull Out my Hair lol.

  32. Still haven’t found where they’re getting in but it’s an regular winter battle… I loathe setting traps and CLEANING UP MOUSE POO under the large appliances.
    Why? Because it’s mouse poo!!!

  33. My son’s bedroom is an array of cookie crumbs, broken toy pieces and torn up books, cleaning the kids bedroom

  34. Ifind skirting boards a darn nuisance. They are too low down but not really suitable for mopping. They get done only when urgent!

  35. I cant stand picking my husbands clothes off the floor! So i stopped doing it and now he does he own washing! Win! MInd you there was a pile as high as the bed for about 3 months and he was just washing on a as needed basis!! MEN!!!!!

  36. I hate cleaning the toilet. Every time I move house, I always take the toilet seats off. I don’t think that anybody else takes the seat off. It always awful to clean others urine and poo.

  37. I don’t mind washing clothes, towels or linen, and I don’t mind hanging them out to dry but I absolutely, positively hate folding the clean washing and putting it away.

  38. Cleaning the shower, it’s such a pointless exercise. All the effort, then like magic before your eyes, it’s filthy again. And no products on the market deliver on what they promise. It’s really a sh!tty chore.

  39. Without doubt it would be cleaning my kitchen floors. It is amazing how grotty and grimey they get, even one day after cleaning them!
    If anyone has some great tips about removing built up dirt from them, please share!

  40. To be honest, I HATE any kind of household chore. I am so very lazy that I do everything as soon as it is needed so that I don’t have a build up of the nasty stuff.

  41. Cleaning the HUGE fishtank “grose” the oven a nightmare, but me washing does my head in sorting to wash as I have to do my little boys separate or his skin flares up and cannot afford to buy the special powder for all of us to use so to win this would be AWESOME and a godsend………….everything crossed

  42. Ironing, not so much the ironing but the pre-ironing stage de-fluffing and removing lint from all the clothes. It does my head in! We have a new washing machine too, I separate colours and wash towels with towels and the like, but the annoying, wretched fluff. It’s hideous! Wish I wasn’t such a perfectionist, I’d let everyone walk around covered in fluff!!

  43. Cleaning the shower because I am so fussy that I use bleach and a toothbrush to clean the tiles and the grout. It is such a tedious thankless chore.

  44. dusting is the chore i hate
    it makes my sense of humour abate.
    its annoying and time consuming
    i’d rather spend my time on personal grooming.
    i would love to have a cleaner
    but then i would be less leaner.
    so off to do all the chores
    even though my time it bores

  45. The toilet and bathroom are my two not so favourite jobs around the house. Give me washing and ironing any day.

  46. I loathe dusting! It’s one of those jobs I just can’t seem to get around to doing. I don’t mind washing, ironing and the routine cleaning but dusting just seems so unnecessary – until I can see it and can write my name in it!

  47. I loathe scrubbing the shower screen because the next day it always looks just as dirty as before i cleaned it. Its frustrating.

  48. I hate doing the dishes for five people at least three times a day, EVERY DAY. Sometimes I would like to just sit down after I eat.

  49. The oven is a job I really hate to clean. It’s so awkward to clean & scrub at the back plus the roof of the oven is even worse as the cleaning stuff I use runs down my arms – Yuk !!!!!

  50. Cleaning the oven is my most hated chore,
    I’d rather watch grass grow its such a bore,
    The cleaning liquid expels strong fumes,
    It as if I’m breathing air straight from the Hume,
    It always affects my breathing,
    but it must be done it’s important housekeeping.

  51. Cleaning out my husband’s Esky!!! It is impossible to believe what stains are found in these, and where they come from!!!

  52. Mopping. I start at the front of the house and mop my way to the back corner where I’m trapped for half an hour until the floors dry.

  53. I don’t think is a chore that I do like, that’s why they are chores. The worst is cleaning the shower and toilet after boys, it’s a killer

  54. I think I find vacuuming the worst of the household chores. You see, my Husband is a vacuuming fiend and I have to suffer through his holier than thou pronouncements all the while he is doing the job. Absolutely painful. It almost makes you want to volunteer to do the job yourself.

  55. cleaning up after everyone in general you can tidy up and yet the next day it looks like a tornado has been through the house again

  56. My shower/bath is the toughest job because it’s used everyday and a constant chore that my family evades! The aweful scum build-up I dislike the most and the bathroom smells of vinegar for hours!

  57. I don’t mind washing it’s nice to see it fluttering clean and fresh on the line- dusting ironing and Dishes are over rated I have to put a movie on before I can even think about something as mindless as ironing

  58. The toilet after the boys have been through,
    there’s wee and my god, streaks of poo,
    we need two dunnies, one for the boys and one for the girl,
    then they can clean it themselves and I won’t want to hurl.

  59. I enjoy washing, folding and ironing but I really dislike cleaning the bathroom. The shower is my least favourite as my husband is a Tradie and comes home black everynight and I have to clean it constantly and its an effort!

  60. Pulling the plug out of the bathroom sinks and cleaning all the crud, and hair and goo out, makes me wanna hurl!!

  61. I personally do not mind washing the clothes it is cleaning the clutter and mess left around which is hard to get rid off

  62. Tidying up seems to be the most time consuming chore in this house. How I wish I could wiggle my nose Samantha style from Bewitched and have everything tidy in an instant. I can’t believe her hubby didn’t like her using magic, mine wouldn’t care as long as the house was spick and span!

  63. I dislike washing windows with a passion!!! Whenever I see a Cruise Ship, all I can think of is ‘look at all them windows to wash’.

  64. My worst household chores are a toss up between the garbage bin and ironing! The first makes me want to throw up the later is so dull and boring I would rather listen to a radio talk back show (in a language I don’t even speak) while plucking my armpit hair, than press metal to cloth! Nevertheless these chores have to be done!

    To combat the bin stench I sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in the bottom in a bid to deodorise the bin just a little. A few quarter slices of lemon or lime in the bins help with the pong too, which gives me an excuse to indulge in a few Gin & Tonics or Lemon, Lime and Bitters just so I can throw the leftover citrusy slices in the bin.

    When it comes to ironing I can only manage it in small bursts or I lose the will to live! ha, ha! I set up the ironing board in the lounge and plonk the basket of clothes next to it. I then settle down on the couch to watch my weekly dose of “Bold and the Beautiful” which I have recorded. I iron one or two things every ad break and then settle back on the couch in between ads for my next installment of what my husband calls “brothel TV”! This makes ironing just bearable!

    Adding a little spark to the things you dislike doing can make them just that little bit more enjoyable!

  65. The cleaning chore I dislike the most would have to be cleaning the microwave oven after my hubby has heated up left over curry without using the microwave cover!

  66. Ironing. I avoid this like the plague and will be more than happy to wear the same outfits over and over again to avoid wearing my creased clothes!

  67. Definitely cleaning the toilet – I reckon it should be a boy job, after all they’re the only ones that lift the seat up and see underneath it all the time!!

  68. I have a muddy 8 yr from playing soccer and in the mud as he always has to accidently fall and get all dirty and then hubby working and getting dirty so I am forever washing.I love them to walk out the door looking fresh and clean

  69. Cleaning the bird cage freaks me out,
    with our crazy bird fluttering about!
    Squawking loud as the cat prowls by,
    hoping I mess up and out he will fly!
    Beak & claws sharp, please don’t laugh,
    I’m afraid he’ll escape straight smack into the glass!

  70. Windows. No matter what I use, or how I use it, I cannot get my windows streak free. I’d like to know what they use in Hollywood as every close-up shot of people in the front seats of the car has the windscreen crystal clear and practically gleaming.

  71. Its the clothes washing, aprt from hanging, bringing it in, folding, putting away. There is always the elusive socks that seem to never match and walk off on their own!

  72. The shower and its mould,
    scrubbing and scrubbing, it still looks old.
    The back gets a crack and is sore,
    it s so irritating, and more!!

  73. Cleaning blocked drains – strange things exist in these dank, dark places and wow its amazing how much hair a family loses over a short period of time

  74. I have a little cupboard,
    that I now wish had a key,
    filled with treasures just for me.
    All the beauty products I adore,
    I love to treat myself that’s for sure!
    But this is a story of earlier today,
    involving my two year old gone astray.
    I left her alone so I could wash,
    got out of the shower – and ohh my gosh.
    My favourite lipstick was no more,
    it was on her clothes and the wall.
    Chanel No.5 I could smell,
    the bottle was empty – just a shell.
    For she had sprayed it into a bowl,
    to wash her doll’s clothes – bless her soul……
    My blood was boiling, but it doesn’t end there,
    I go to her bedroom, and more despair.
    A pink and white doona with red nail polish
    my daughter thinks she’s quite accomplished!!
    This certainly has taught me a lesson,
    don’t leave two year old’s alone for a second!!
    Doing the laundry – I’ve had enough…
    my daughter certainly heard my huff’s and puffs.
    I really need help getting a thorough clean,
    without a complicated laundry routine.
    The products I’ve got won’t remove these stains,
    their gentle, not powerful, it’s such a drain!!
    Now cleaning and scrubbing will comprise the REST of my day,
    after I LOCK my remaining treasures away!

  75. The oven….. Oh boy do I HATE cleaning that thing!… All the scrubbing and fumes, its nasty stuff, takes forever to get it all buff!..

  76. The Stove and grill is my pet hate.
    Greasy, smelly and full of fat.
    I wish I could have a wand to wave
    Everything clean and the kids to behave.

  77. Windows…… what a pain!!!
    I hate cleaning them….especially having a two storey house.
    Its a nightmare to get them spotless…

  78. I hate dusting. Sure the dust gets up my nose, I sneeze a fit and my eyes turn red. But they’re not the worst part. Dusting always leads to something else: the dead flowers moulding between the wall and cabinet; the fruit bowl gathering a nice collection of green I-don’t-want-to-know-what at the bottom; a broken photo frame that requires major surgery. Attend to all the extras, and the dust still gleams its dirty secrets.

  79. Washing the dog. A thankless messy chore and then he rolls in disgusting stuff again as soon as he is released. And I can’t chuck him in the machine with Cold Power.

  80. Cleaning the baking trays after I’ve baked a Chicken and lots of veggies. I like the veggies caramelised and slightly burnt, however this is a nightmare to clean!

  81. Many hands make light work,so I help out the misses so she don’t go berserk,we clean the house and everything is fine,till I hang the clothes out wrong on the washing line.

  82. Clearing out the cat litter as we have three cats and one of them poos outside the three litter boxes on the floor, bloody cat

  83. Most cleaning jobs around the house I hate lol Apart from wiping benches down. Mostly due to the fact that I have Multiple Sclerosis, as well as several allergies. I find jobs like cleaning the bathroom, vaccuming floors, dusting, clothes washing, hanging out and bringing it in the hardest. They all add even more pain to the chronic pain I already suffer from, fatigue me to the point of collapse, and cause my skin and airborn allergies ( one being the dustmite) to go beserk. I cant wear gloves so have to try and find non allergenic products that my skin, lungs/airways etc don’t react to, which is a huge chore in itself. I am chemical sensitive as well as being allergic to many other things. Shoot me now !! LOL This includes many washing powders also, which is why I badly wanted to enter this competition. I ALWAYS wash in cold water and have used Cold Power for many years now as I have found I don’t react to it. However I do sometimes have to buy a cheaper brand because I cant afford to buy it. So this may not be the most creative answer but it is certainly a very honest one, and I have my all of my fingers and toes crossed that I may get lucky for once in my life , just for being honest and win this wonderful prize. It would help me in so many ways 🙂

  84. I have cleaning the bathroom – with five people and one cat using it it gets so filthy. We normally have toothpaste smeard in the sink, on the mirror and god knows whereelse. Not to speak of all the shaving foam and the litte hairs everywhere around the sink thanks to my husband. My two girls have long hair so that gets dropped on the floor, in the bath, whole mops of hair stuck on the hairbrush for me to clean off. Not to speak of all the dirt/soap marks in the bath and the shower and the drain. The Cat also has his litter box in the bathroom, where he sometimes misses the whole box and does his business next to it. Not sure if it’s to annoy me or maybe just old age. That something my son does a well, sometimes he gets up at night and goes to the toilet and for some reason has missed the toilet but hit the drain instead. The list just goes on and on and on – why I hate cleaning the bathroom.

  85. Keeping the large windows clean with three sets of grubby hands. Its a workout on the plus but always find it hard to get them streak free!

  86. Housework in general is just not my forte, I know that it has to be done
    but don’t enjoy any of it!

  87. Ironing is the worst I hate it with a passion My husband even irons his own things now as i rushed his clothes I hated it that much now he does it himself as it wasnt good enough. Suits me.

  88. I hate cleaning and scrubbing the saucepans and frypans in my household. It’s just as bad as trying to clean the shower tiles.

  89. Washing dishes is my pet hate because they just keep coming in non stop….like a factory production line i stand there washing, drying, putting away. As if i don’t have better things to do with my day. And at the end of it all, be it wearing gloves or not, my hands are dry and scaly, my nails soft and terribly brittle. One devo-ed mummy 🙁

  90. Cleaning the shower is the worst job, particularly in winter. Shivering in the cold, scrubbing off scum from tiles is no fun at all.

  91. I hate doing the washing because it takes hours to sort through the dirty clothes, find stains and spray them.

  92. Cleaning the shower. It takes so much energy to do and it frustrates me knowing that it is soon going to get dirty again.

  93. Ironing would have to be the worse chore in the whole world. I let it pile up and then it takes me 2 hours sometimes to do it.

  94. Cleaning. arrhhhhh all of them are chores, none of them i like, id rather be kicking back on a chair, in sheer delight.

  95. Cleaning the oven! Not only is there no way of doing this nice and inhale toxic fumes, having to scrub in corners you hardly reach and it’s a mess.

  96. My life is like a TV Soap
    Need Cold Power sensitive touch, cannot cope
    Days of my Life spent feeling blue
    With children young and restless too.

  97. Sticky marks, upon my wall,
    I scrub and clean,
    While they’re at school,
    This chore, I hate….
    It’s a pain,
    Tomorrow I start over again!

  98. I hate doing the dishes.i tend to leave them for several days as I procrastinate.Hate standing up for long as it hurts my back

  99. I HATE hanging the washing
    And also folding it!

    The worst chores ever! Especially with 2 boys who like to change there clothes 5 times a day!!!

  100. Scrubbing stains (trust me, you do not want to go there!). Putting in those muscles; it’s exhausting, disgusting and so time consuming! I definitely have a disdain for stains!

  101. Cleaning the oven and stove top is such a bore.
    I live in a shared household, so you would think it would easy and my turn wouldn’t come around for a few weeks.
    But no, the housemates are lazy and lacking any cleaning techniques.
    The melted cheese or pasta explosion is just too much for me to ignore.
    So I tackle this chore and wonder why the cleaning isn’t very fair.
    They are pigs, I mutter under my breath and swear.
    This cleaning standoff is going to slowly bubble into a civil war.

  102. i hate washing the shower
    always trying to scrub off mould
    would rather do the washing
    with Cold power,best in cold(water)

  103. Dusting!! Hate it with a passion. Non stop sneezing and some of the things you find the kids have stuck to surfaces is disgusting!!

  104. Anything under-appreciated i.e. mopping and then someone walking over the clean floor, washing the dishes then someone using one as you pull out the plug, cleaning the shower then someone using it immediately.

  105. I hate, hate, hate washing and cleaning the walls! Fingerprints, scuff marks, spilt drinks and yes I’m ashamed to say, dried up boogies that are stuck on the wall (I have three young boys, what can I say?!).

    It’s time-consuming, back-breaking, you can never remove all the dirt and worst of all, it looks the same after a week. Magic erasers work on scuff marks, but it would cost me more in erasers to clean the walls with them than to have the walls repainted.

    Thanks for a great giveaway! With the massive gas bill we just received, I’m thinking cold water washing is the way to go!

  106. As the working Mum of two young kids, it’s impossible to restrict my answer to just one chore. I hate any chore that takes me away from spending time with my children!

  107. I absolutely hate taking the bins out, because they’re so smelly and gross, but I also hate doing the dishes because it hurts my back so much to lean over the sink for ages.

  108. Cleaning the bathtub! I simply Don’t have the Sensitive Touch when it comes to that. I have been known to kick it in frustration. I am bending down, breaking my back, getting every little piece of dust out and sweating like a pig. I tell you, I need a nice long warm bubble bath after that – and some champagne with strawberries! Now there’s a thought!

  109. Live near airport and Industrial area. The greasy grime coats absolutely EVERYTHING…. a never-ending massive cleaning nightmare…I’ve removed all the venetian blinds to minimise the cleaning tasks. Shower cleaning is the most loathesome and time consuming work.

  110. I hate cleaning up after unwanted family comes over uninvited…It’s annoying because I didn’t ask for it and they leave a mess.

  111. I absolutely hate cleaning the toilets, the shower and bathrooms. I desperately wish I had a cleaner for this. Luckily I love washing, I’m a regular Dame Washalot!

  112. 🙂 H-E-L-P!! 🙂
    🙂 Clothes always dirty
    🙂 Over usage machine
    🙂 Love to have none
    🙂 Dreaming of washing
    🙂 Paranoia’s set in
    🙂 Ogres.. Trolls.. Ghouls..
    🙂 Wanting to toss me
    🙂 Endless torture
    🙂 Resting no more … needing my cuppa! 🙂

  113. I dislike Ironing and vacuuming because i have a back surgery and its hard to me to do this chore carrying the heavy vacuum around the house or stand up for hours ironing the clothes of the family

  114. I hate having to clean all the windows and glass doors in the house, having so much glass with 2 toddlers to smear their hands and faces on wasn’t a great move…

  115. Washing Washing everywhere. The call goes out and the washing basket bulges. Finally all done. Hung, Dried, and Folded. Go back to the Laundry and the empty basket is miracously 1/2 full again. A never ending job no matter how hard you try.

  116. I Have a SUPERPOWER!! I’m the only one, in my house that can see the.. Sink full of dishes, Full washing basket, full bin.. etc.. etc.. lol 🙂 The worst is Ironing!

  117. Pairing socks is the worst! Especially since between the puppy, the hungry washer, and the fiancée, one half of the pairs always seem to dissapear

  118. Bathrooms and toilets. 2 bathrooms, 2 separate toilets. One bath is huge and round. The only way of cleaning it is climb in. Ho hum!

  119. Cleaning the toilets is the worst job ever! I do not sit on directly on the porcelain…. that’s what the seat is there for. So why should I have to bend over and clean the rim of the toilet where the males in my family have ‘splashed’ & ‘splattered” because they can’t perfect their aim in the toilet bowl?

  120. Cleaning the oven would be my most loathed chore. Seriously, how does it get so grimy. Are there little gremlins in there spattering grease and oil around?

  121. I hate turning everyone’s dirty socks out the right way, if you don’t want to put your hand in there, what makes you think I do???
    uggh it’s just gross!

  122. With 6 children I wash 3 loads a day but with a good product and machine it’s a breeze. The cleaning job that erks me the most would have to be cleaning shower screens. I haven’t found a product that works yet!

  123. Dusting as both my daughter and I suffer from allergies so dusting is an awful job and causes problems for us lots of sneezing and runny watery eyes 🙁

  124. I really dislike cleaning out the Oven, the fumes knock me around and the worst part for me is the bending an crouching over, im 57 and have had a back operation which didn”t work so any type of cleaning is a real ordeal for me.

  125. Anything that involves scrubbing!! Scrubbing the shower, scrubbing sinks, scrubbing ovens, and the very worst of them all – scrubbing the grout in white floor tiles!! It is tiring, it is sweaty, and no matter what kind of dance music I put on (or how loud!) I cannot distract myself from the fact that I am CLEANING!

  126. I hate washing, the clean clothes end up on my sons “Floor drobe” covered it wet towels, frustrating ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  127. I hate cleaning out the kitchen cupboards but I absolutely loathe cleaning out the fridge especially when I come across soggy rotten fruit that somehow gets hidden at the back and forgotten – Gross!

  128. The floor’s! Such a big job then they’re filthy in a day agh never ends. I actually enjoy washing oddly enough 🙂

  129. Cleaning my 18 yo sons room is the worst chore imaginable. I have to wait until he’s at Uni as he detests me going into his room – almost as much as I detest going in there. It smells so stuffy and stale – floor is covered in clothes – he has allergies and hayfever, so there’s tissues everywhere. Eats his meals in his room – cutlery and plates piled up as well as cans of drink – both energy and softdrinks. He’s addicted to his computer games and only exits his room to use the bathroom or reset the internet!

  130. OMG i HATE cleaning the toilet.
    And with 3 boys in the house (i’m so outnumbered), it is always stinky no matter what! I keep getting paranoid the toilet brush is a cesspool of grossness. I don’t know what to do!
    I need to outsource this.

  131. It’s strange, now that I’m not able, and don’t do any of the housework any more, I miss all of the housework jobs I used to do, even the dusting and the ironing. By the end of next week, the builders will have finished renovating the laundry, and for the first time on six years, I’ll be able to put the washing in the machine myself, can’t wait.

  132. At 73 I have learnt over the years a system to get me through the daily chores with a minimum of fuss and effort but the one job I hate doing is cleaning the oven.

  133. Cleaning the shower involves getting in it (and it’s wet in there), elbow grease (no matter the chosen cleaning solution) and knealing on the floor (hard tiles of course). Can’t they combine showers with washing machines and dishwashers so I can just shut the door and push the start button.

  134. I hate washing the dishes, especially, after a big cook up. Most fits in the dishwasher, it’s the bits and pieces that don’t fit or can’t go in. Silly I know.

  135. Folding the clothes after they have been washed. My fault really, I inspect every garment before I fold it up to make sure it was washed properly

  136. Cleaning the showers – I can never get them properly clean so I feel like it’s a frustrating waste of time. If I could I would pay a cleaner JUST to do that task!

  137. Mopping the floors. No matter how hard you try, it always seems you are just moving around the dirt that you just mopped up.

  138. I abhor cleaning the window tracks !!! all those dead flies and tricky build up of “matter”. Who designed them…? (not me)

  139. Vacuuming; it always takes soooooo long and is so tiring. Plug it in…vacuum, unplug room…plug it in…vacuum…unplug it and on it goes!

  140. C-onstantly avoiding cleaning my
    L-oathe this task – it’s a
    D-isgusting greasy mess

    P-lease can you
    O-rganise a magic
    W-and to
    E-rase this chore
    R-ight away!

  141. I hate cleaning the oven it has to be one of the worst jobs in the house. I enjoy doing my washing and no matter what else i Love my clothes being clean, fresh., smelling divine. and even when you iron them its so much easier, and as you iron you get the lovely scent of fresh clean clothes. No matter how dirty you see results. But with other house work jobs ‘; no one seems to notice. They never say wow the ovens clean, or the shower and bath look great. But clean clothes always get a comment and often that longed for Thanks that comes from clean clothes. Even more thanks come from clean sheets and doona covers. Everyone notices which is something i like and thats the Thanks mum my clothes look great.

  142. I hate cleaning the tracks that the sliding doors are on, I can never get the vacuum in the grooves so I have to get everything out slowly with a dustpan which takes forever, only to have them collecting rubbish again the next day!

  143. With three children under five and bushy tailed cat that scatters dried leaves and dirt, I vacuum twice a day and hate it!

  144. I already delight in using Cold Powder Sensitive Touch to wash my itchy, scratchy, allergy prone family’s clothes. This a breeze! I loathe, detest, abhor cleaning the shower screens

  145. Vacuuming! the vacuum is so old and useless it reminds me of when I was a pimply Uni student at a Campus Dance full of hot Uni girls, and I simply could not pick up anything!!!!

  146. Toilets, cleaning them all is my worst chore. I disinfect, bleach, spray, bloo loo, toilet duck and do everything to them. It never lasts with four boys in the house!!!!

  147. Mopping the toilet floor every morning – the males in my house are really great sportsmen so I just cannot understand how they are such lousy aims

  148. The aftermath of vacuuming.
    Because I still have to pick up black sock fluffs INDIVIDUALLY as they still stick to the carpet even after numerous vacuuming.

  149. Cleaning the shower. Our bathroom is so old and our shower has lost its shine and it is so hard to clean. It really needs a good old fashioned scrub.

  150. Floors – I really loathe vacuuming and having to wash the hard floors, I get no satisfaction at all from doing it, it always seems so pointless!

  151. Cleaning toilets, – My husband’s ‘aim’ is very poor. (He ‘hits’ the seat, the walls, any where except the toilet). I hate getting up through the night to go to the toilet as usually get a wet back side – (as of course, he never puts the toilet seat down!) So every day I have to clean not only the toilet, but the floor and walls as well.

  152. Definitely IRONING. Nothing, not even watching TV while doing can make it exciting. No matter how much I tell myself that next time I’m going to be organised and not let it pile up again, it never happens. I dislike it with a passion!!!

  153. Cleaning the toilet after my 6 year old boy goes to the toilet in the middle of night (I’m sure he thinks the window is the toilet bowl and maybe even the door knob)

  154. To Vacuum is my most Loathed Chore
    Sucking up hair, dirt, fur and more
    White tiles showing Dust galore
    Wish I could just sweep it straight out the Door
    Endlessly moving around the floor
    OMG it is such a bore!

  155. With a semi long haired cat and a medium haired cat vacuuming is a horrid chore
    with hair everywhere and sharp litter crystals galore
    I rarely get the chance to be bored

  156. Making the beds. Thankfully it’s the one job that my partner doesn’t mind doing – otherwise they’d never get done!

  157. After 40 plus years, I’m fed up with most housework – but as soon as I get a call from the lotto people I’m hiring a cleaner!!

  158. Nothing compares to the toxic chore of cleaning an oven! It stinks, it’s greasy, takes ages and it feels postively dangerous!

  159. The Toilet.

    4 boys who cannot aim
    piddle everywhere… but they ALL claim
    it wasn’t me, who made that mess
    even my husband won’t confess
    to putting piddle on the floor, on the seat and the door.
    but when it comes to cleaning up
    its mum who gets out the bleach and gloves
    and scrubs until the toilet gleams
    free from germs and hygienically clean
    UNTIL it needs to be used again
    oh no… here comes that smell..
    so out come the bleach and gloves
    a mothers job is NEVER done.

  160. I hate doing the ironing, in particular my husband’s business shirts! It’s just such a boring and never ending chore (but then again so is all cleaning!)

    by the time you finish they need cleaning again. wind, dirt, rain… they always need cleaning!!!

  162. I’m a single stay at home dad… None of it is appealing in any way.
    I don’t iron, dishes soak and eventually get done when needed, kids vacuum for me… I guess the washing is the easiest because I just put it in a machine, press some buttons and away it goes 🙂

  163. Washing Whites

    You ask, which cleaning chore?
    Oh…”Whites” and “I” are persistently in war!
    I’m a devoted mummy to five,
    Keeping whites crispy clean I strive,
    Meticulous in ensuring that instructions are read,
    Before soaking whites I thoroughly check for dark colour tags, buttons, thread!
    I assuredly know every “WHITE” cleaning product on the market from cheapest to the most dear,
    BUT for some bizarre reason when it comes to the colour “WHITE” I am riddled with fear!
    Baby Nappies! School Sports Polo’s! Business Shirts! Towels! Socks! Sheets; are all WHITE!
    The battle regrettably begins at first sight!
    “White” the garment originally is,
    Then into the laundry tonic I stir and allow to fizz,
    Somewhere here, is where it goes downhill,
    Despite my “cleaning” will.
    My once white turns into an off yellow shade,
    I’m certain the instructions have betrayed!
    Then without anyone knowing I shamelessly “bleach”,
    Deep inside I’m bursting to screech!
    Thank you for allowing me to share what I most dislike!
    Till this day I’m certain my “tonic” at every use, someone did spike!
    It’s been a “Pet Hate” for quite some time,
    AND it’s a relief to confess to my “Bleach” crime!

  164. The chore that I put off for as long as I can because I hate doing it is scrubbing blood, paint and grass stains out of the kids clothing then soaking and then another scrub before washing. I just want to put it in the washing machine and like magic it WILL disappear without any extra work.

  165. I HATE with a vengeance trying to get and keep my dearly beloved’s white shirt collars clean. How can one clean man get them so yucky, I ask? Fortunately, with the help of cold powder and a good long soak I have found how to achieve what we both need for him to leave the house each day looking ‘brilliant’…

  166. Washing the dishes! This is supposed to be my husband’s chore, but his track record isn’t so hot. I sometimes try and teach him a lesson by just leaving the dishes undone. But he never notices and I cave after half a day and wash them anyway…hopeless!!

  167. My worst job is cleaning the shower, something that has to be done! For cleaning the shower I can’t use “Cold Power”! Or can I?Might be the one!

  168. My European background has lots to answer for,
    My entire body has hair galore!
    Dropping all over my bathroom floor,
    Makes cleaning an absolute chore!

  169. Washing up by hand can be a real demand no sooner is it done it starts piling up one by one but who ends up doing it yet again poor old mum

  170. Having 3 sons, there are 3 chores I can not stand, the endless dishwashing, the everest mountain of dirty clothes, and cleaning the toilet…yuck

  171. Cleaning behind the fridge….you find lovely things like old tissues, rotting bananas, nibbled on bread….and soo close to the food I eat. YUK

  172. It mocks me, teases me with it’s dirty presence, I never know what may be lurking within it….I know I must confront it one day and I dread it…so for now the slimy, dusty abyss behind and under my washing machine wins the battle but not the war!

  173. I hate folding and putting the washing away, it’s my pet hate, but with a new cold powder the smell would be bliss.

  174. Cleaning the oven “groan” i can never get in there good enough and its always smokey and sending the smoke alarms off!

  175. dislike vacueming and floor washing house is all tiles and naturally if i vac i then have to wash floors so few hours hard yakka

  176. Don’t particularly like cleaning the cobwebs outside the house. My mind gets swept away into a horror movie where a Godzilla sized spider creeps out! Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I’m a giant spider out to have some fun!

  177. Oh honestly I feel like I’m up to my elbows in grease when I clean the oven. The grease gets under my nails and all over my hands and arms. Plus why is it that when I’m mid clean and dirty does my face or head itch and need to be scratched? I really do call on the power of patience when that happens. Such a grubby, sticky job. Oh I also forgot to mention how dirty my clothes get with this thankless task!

  178. Ahh what an amazing comp! Oh gosh, what chores don’t I like! If I had to pick one, just one, I’d say doing the laundry because I’m always out of laundry powder and it’s such a trek for me to go out to the shops cos it takes 30 minutes by foot. Particularly awful when you find out at night and need a clean shirt for the next day! Usually when this happens I hand wash with my shampoo and run the risk of smelling like a fruit basket. Oh dear!

  179. The oven is my hate,
    All those metal grates!
    The black bubbles get everywhere,
    I’d love to be able to clean with just a stare!

  180. The fireplace is the worst for me! It really should be a man’s job but he argues that it’s in the house so it’s my job blah! It’s so messy and stinky!

  181. I hate putting the doona cover back on the doona…worst job ever! I do love when it’s back on though and all clean and fresh!

  182. I really hate doing the laundry im so sick of my current washing powder not being up to the task i really wish there was a laundry fairy that would deliver me with fresh clean ironed clothes each day. they could also feel free to color coordinate my wardrobe and shoes as well

  183. I have cleaning the kitchen cupboard doors. They are vinyl wrap and grease gets ingrained in it. I scrub for hours, then someone spills something down the front of the door and its filthy again. An ongoing chore that gives me no pleasure, only pain from the hard workout.

  184. Of all the cleaning ..that I ‘least’ enjoy,
    its the dreaded shower …with its ’tiley’ floor
    arkward corners..and hard to clean glass,
    Its a dreary, tiring, disinfect-y task.
    And as much as I’d just love, to just shut the bathroom door,
    I know there’s an army of mould… just waiting to deploy!

  185. WHAT!!???!! Just one!!! Ha ha…I would have to say washing. Whilst I do actually leave mine until they are all running out the door, it is not so much the chore itself, but the fact that once you put it on it is in your mind for the next 40 minutes or so that you still have more chores to get done, regardless…HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Cleaning the oven. Picture me, head and shoulders in the oven, bottom and legs dangling outside. No, I’m not suicidal. I just have very short arms and a very large oven!

  187. The only Chore i dont like doing is dusting, I go to bed early so when my wife and daughter. are in bed asleep i get up and dust the house. My wife and daughter both have bad allagies and doing it when there in bed gives what ever dust particles that go into the air again time to settle, i just dont like watching them both have a bad couple of days just because of dust.

  188. I hate cleaning anything that requires me to use bleach based products. I get an allergic reaction to the bleach that causes grumpiness and irritability.

  189. I’d say ironing except that I don’t do any! With four sons and a husband it’s got to be cleaning the toilet! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

  190. I hate emptying my dishwasher as it’s a cheap piece of junk that doesn’t even have a drying cycle so I have to use a teatowel anyway. Not sure why I bother with it really – might as well do it by hand 🙁

  191. ๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۩

    Hubby’s socks on the floor,
    Give me a shudder I can’t ignore!

    As I pick up after him,
    His odds of survival start to slim!

    But I’ll happily wash them any day,
    With Cold Power, it’s child’s play!


  192. IRONING… has come to the stage where the clean clothes stay in the basket just so i can avoid ironing them and putting them away

  193. If I had to pick one chore,
    the chore that I could not hate more,
    I’d definitely say ‘mopping the floor’.

    Because to mop, you first have to sweep
    and if you don’t plan your route you have to leap
    from from chairs to tables to make sure you keep

    your feet from smudging you fresh clean floor.

  194. Sorting the household waste from the recyclable waste. It’s just too tempting to throw recyclable jars and tins in the household waste, than wash and rinse them.

  195. I hate changing pillow cases and duvets.. such a pain stuffing the pillows in, then having to get that duvet in the right position.. feel like chucking them!!!

  196. Cleaning the tiles in the shower – impossible without getting wet! even trying to multi-task and clean them whilst in the shower, its no better.

  197. I have far more “pressing” things to do than ironing! No wonder “Ironman” is considered a superhero! He would be most welcome to come and press his steel hard body against my sheets anyday. Sorry, was the question?

  198. Piles of laundry there is no end
    Whites and colours so much time to spend
    Blankets and sheets are pain to hang out
    I need some Cold Power to help out!

  199. Ironing. God knows why, because it really isn’t a big deal, and it’s quite enjoyable once you get started. The THOUGHT of it’s quite unpleasant.

  200. His porcelain throne his royal seat.

    Weekly I dread to meet.

    Goggles, gloves, mask.

    shed toilet –my hated task.

    There’s that smell

    I know well!

  201. I detest cleaning the toilet with 4 adult & teenage sons and my husband, it isnt a pleasant place for my daughter and I to venture, cleaning it is really not nice.

  202. Ironing – when my kids were small I used to iron almost everything. must admit though, that I don’t do much these days, a lot of thingscan be hung or folded straight from the line.

  203. My most despised task during the long Tasmanian winter has been the endless dusting. We have a slow combustion fire but even though it is an enclosed unit, there is enough dust to mean that you will need to dust every second da to keep on top of things.

  204. I dislike cleaning the shower. Unfortunately ours is small. You move this way and that, always bumping the walls and knocking an elbow, blood rushing to my head as I scrub the lower bits, nails becoming soft and brittle – snap (I always remember gloves after I started)….. and then add the strong smell hovering (even the eco/friendly ones are intense in smell in a small place) enough for a dizzy spell of some kind…… the job takes a good 40 mins of scrubbing and 10 of rinsing. That’s a lot of time in small space. Sure, it’s a workout but I would rather be burning calories playing a team sport with my friends. :o)

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