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Over two million Australians have asthma – about one in 10 adults and about one in 10 children. (1)  This illness results, on average, in more than one Australian dying from asthma every day. (2)  These facts are astounding!

People who suffer from asthma and allergies not only live with the effects of these conditions, but it also impacts the whole family, regardless of whether it’s the parents or the children who suffer. Finding a solution to help with these everyday battles, can often be completely consuming for the sufferer and the carer.

Ginni Mansberg, General Practitioner and Family Health Expert said, “Asthma can be debilitating. I have seen how this can affect the whole family. Sufferers are often looking for simple solutions to assist in managing their condition.”

Australia’s leading pillow manufacturer, Tontine, has developed the Tontine Sleep Angel™ pillow, an Australian first. Bugs and allergens found in pillows can trigger an asthma attack or allergies in some people and this pillow assists in keeping these common triggers out of the pillow.


Mould and dust mites, which contain a number of extremely potent allergens, can trigger an asthma attack, allergies and other respiratory diseases. (3) These nasties love to grow in our pillow from the warmth and moisture we sweat from our bodies, using nutrients from our dead skin cells to grow right under our noses.  With only one person in the bed, the amount of sweat produced each night is normally around 250ml. If there is more than one person in the bed, it can be as much as 500ml per person. ([1]4)

The Tontine Sleep Angel™ pillow has a filter, which has been scientifically proven (5) to prevent the access of bugs and bacteria into the pillow, thus preventing exposure to the effects caused by these contaminants.  The pillow’s comfortable surface can easily be wiped down to remove any substance that may have been deposited overnight.

Mycologia Australia, Australia’s leading environmental consultancy and laboratory specialising in environmental mycology, recently conducted research on the Sleep Angel pillow. (6) Dr Heike Neumeister-Kemp CEO, Mycologia Australia said “ the testing proved that there was no penetration into the pillow of mouldunless the lining had been compromised. (7)  On a normal day to day basis, keeping the pillow in a relatively dry environment and airing it from time to time should help prevent any growth of mould on the lining. There is no need to clean the lining with any chemicals to prevent fungal growth if the pillow is in a relatively dry environment.”

“Having a pillow which stops bugs and allergens from entering it and breeding, in addition to a surface which can be easily wiped down on a regular basis, is a great simple way of reducing these triggers”, explains Ginni Mansberg.

The design and filter technology of the Tontine Sleep Angel™ pillow offers a simple solution to help protect those suffering from asthma and allergies.

According to Asthma Australia, living well with asthma means less symptoms and being able to do the things you enjoy. (8)  Understanding how to reduce exposure to asthma triggers such as dust mites can lead to a happier and healthier life.

Tontine Sleep Angel™ pillows are available from selected major department stores; discount department stores and specialty stores across Australia. RRP $119.95.

For further information visit or become a fan of Tontine’s Facebook page.


We have one of these amazing pillows to give away. For your chance to win tell us how asthma or allergies affect your life and how this pillow would help.

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95 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with Tontine Sleep Angel

  1. Anything from the rain, to pollen, to dust and feathers effect my allergies. I start off by sneezing, then get the runny nose then the roof of my mouth becomes itchy and then it gets swollen and sore. Symptoms usually last a day or two as long as nothing continually effects me then it could last endlessly. Id love to own this pillow as anything and everything that deters me feeling that way is a very welcome additional to this house. It sounds so lovely too and looks really comfy.

  2. My youngest has a severe lung condition. I can’t use harsh chemicals to kill mould and dust mites. I clean more often with natural cleaners.

  3. Toss, turn, sneeze, cough, choke. I do all that and more each night. That “more”, however, doesn’t include sleep. To lie on Tontine luxury each night would bring me sweet dreams and allow me to cope with the day’s challenges.

  4. As just one member of a family of five, where the cost of everything is a huge consideration, I find that I am forced to choose the cheapest $5 pillows that the discount stores make. They wreak havoc with my allergies in two ways: First, they are made from dubious substances that often have a chemical smell that is less than sleep inducing, and secondly, they are very flat and fail to elevate my head in any way, which results in increased congestion and facial swelling. I think that winning a quality pillow would help to mitigate both of these factors and give me the sleep that I need (and deserve ! )

  5. My 6yr old daughter was diagnosed with asthma last October and me and my husband were devestated.It was so hard watching her have an asthma attack and then the process of learning how to control it and what triggers it off.I also have my best friend who has asthma and so do 2 of her children and they are constantly in and out of hospital.Such a horrid thing to live with

  6. Every year, when allergy season approaches, a feeling of dread comes over me. Sneezing, sore red eyes, runny nose – I wish it was a cold; at least you get over it. Weeks turn into months for me. Some mornings I wake up and I look like I’ve done 10 rounds with Mohammed Ali – big puffy eyes and no one finds that attractive. The first time my toddler saw me like this she cried in fear. Poor little darling! Then I cried when I looked at myself in the mirror. I had to go ‘incognito’ in dark glasses for the rest of the day, before my eyes settled down and I could see out of them properly.

    Living in the country, surrounded by crops, agricultural sprays, my chances of avoiding allergies seem zero.

    At least with this pillow I could get some relief. As it cuts down on the mites and triggers from entering into my pillow. I’d hate to know what I’m breathing in each night. Just the name ‘Tontine Sleep Angel’ is sure to supply a more rested , reduced allergy suffering slumber. And maybe I’ll stop traumatising my little princess! That in itself is worth gold (or in this case $120)

  7. I have disturbed nights sleep everynight due to my allergies.
    Asthma on the bad nights causes me to be up and on the nebuliser but thankfully thats only on the odd occasion. Normally there is an issue where my nose blocks due to hayfever and i can not lay on my left hand side at all as my nose blocks totally. I was told I should have surgery but im too scared to have that so just try to battle through. Use of nasal sprays causes my nose to bleed so i cant use them very often. Its just something i deal with.
    I would love to try this pillow and see if it could help give me a good nights sleep.

  8. It’s very uncomfortable , tiring and draining when you suffer from asthma, allergies and sinus continually. Sleepless nights and long drawn out days start to feel normal because it’s all you’ve ever known. Oh, to be able to sleep peacefully again, to breathe a whole lot better and to wake up feeling like you’re in the land of the living and not a Zombie! Count me in! I need this Tontine Sleep Angel pillow to feel human again!

  9. Apart from the fact that it is comfortable, feminine and exquisite the main factor is the help it gives to sufferers like me. I have COPD with both Asthma and Emphysemia and would love to win this prize for all of the reasons mentioned.

  10. I have suffered from hay fever now for over 13 years. I have not had a full night sleep for 13 years. I know this pillow will help me to get a good night sleep.

  11. when our family wakes up sneezing every morning, that’s when we know there is a change in season or we need to dust and change sheets etc, A new pillow may help with the early morning sneezes, maybe even a sleep in on this super comfy pillow

  12. I get so embarrassed and ashamed. I had to take my son to Saturday sport and instead I was gasping for air. Before my asthma affected only me and now it’s affecting the kids because they miss out on normal things just because of asthma.
    Don’t get me started on allergies. I’m allergic to everything. Cutting the grass is a huge gamble for me. I’m saving my dollars to get my whole yard paved so I don’t have an attack every time I cut the grass.

  13. My husband is actually the one I would love this pillow for as he suffers terribly from hay fever. Needless to say he tosses and turns all night waking me up and in between I’m tending to our baby, which means neither of us are ever rested. Just one good night’s sleep rejuvenates the body and mind. I hope we can both benefit from a Tontine Sleep Angel pillow.

  14. I am an allergy sufferer I suffer with pollen, windy days, change of temperature and season, the salt air and pollution. I would love to try this pillow I never thought it might be my pillow contributing to this problem. If I could have a good nights sleep and wake up not so stuffy it may make the day more bearable and require less pills and nasal sprays…… which I guarantee is not doing me any good, time to start with something more natural.

  15. To others it’s JUST dust…to someone with Asthma it’s much more than that, it’s a trigger for wheezing, coughing & sheer terror at being unable to BREATH! My son suffers terribly from Asthma & this could quite literally be a lifesaver!

  16. My nose is so itchy that I usually rub it till it turns red and shines bright like a beacon.

  17. My husband has many allergies and this was confirmed as being severe with a recent blood test. We currently use Tontine pillows and realised recently that the expiry date printed on the pillows we have says May 2013, so it is timely that we throw these pillows out soon. Would be awesome to win some new ones to minimise allergies!

  18. I think I live in the dustiest house on the planet, every night I clean my black ceramic cook top and wake up to a noticeable layer of dust by morning. Without a good nights sleep I make zombies look like Miranda Kerr in comparison

  19. No allergy, no tossing and turning. Tontine turning ‘Nightmares’ into “Sweet Dreams!” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!

  20. Allergies affect my life because I cannot sleep properly when I am in an environment that is too dusty …. and I am not a the best person to have around when I am tired – lol.

  21. I’m allergic to seven kinds of dust, and it’s a nightmare to say the least. Be nice to go to bed knowing I’m in for an allergy free night’s sleep.

  22. My daughter not only has allergies but also asthma. anything to relieve the sniffling runny noise. I am now going to buy her a Tontine Sleep Angel Pillow, so that she may be able to sleep at night!

  23. We are a family known for asthma, allergies and skin sensitivity, due to diabetes, lupus (SLE) and sjrogen’s syndrome. This pillow would go a great way in assisting with a good night’s sleep, without the irritants we usually deal with. Great pillow.

  24. My daughter suffers from a dust mite allergy, eczema and has also recently been diagnosed with asthma. I try what I can to eliminate allergens for her so she can have a good night’s sleep and this pillow would help us in our cause, thanks.

  25. This would be perfect for my husband, he suffers from allergies and asthma so this would help with his symptoms hopefully and reduce his need for a puffer several times a night. It would mean we could both get a good nights sleep!

  26. A pillow that stops bugs and allergens from entering it and breeding, is definitely a pillow from the sleep angels, good on you Tontine for caring about us.

  27. I suffer allergy’s and asthma and think I would snore less, meaning my husband will stop elbowing me while I slept

  28. I would like to win this prize for my best friend of 47 years. She was not expected to survive childhood as there were not really any effective treatments for asthma but here we are, 52 years old and both a pair of old crocks. I know that this pillow would really be of benefit to Kristy.

  29. i am constantly trying to find ways to cure my allergies and stop me from sneezing at night time.

  30. I have a son that has both asthma and allergies so any time his allergies get trigged by things such as dust then it causes an asthma attack.
    Hopefully this would help lessen the number of attacks

  31. Luckily i do not have any allergies at all, but I am pregnant and find it very hard to sleep at the Moment. I believe this could help me get more rest during the night

  32. I can never get a good sleep,no matter the pillow..unless I swallow 2 or 3 sleeping pills.See how this go’s. Maybe just buy anyway

  33. I would love to win one for my husband so both of us could get a better night’s sleep!

  34. A tontine sleep angel pillow would be great,
    A fresh pillow as mine is so far out of date,
    A good nights sleep from dustmites galore,
    I couldn’t wish for much more!

  35. I would love this for myself> I suffer with chronic sinus problems due to allergic reactions to many things; hayfever, dust, cat hair….I would sleep easier with this little baby!

  36. Thankfully, no one in my family suffers from allergies or asthma but I do suffer from insomnia. A good pillow is a must for me.

  37. my husband and I both suffer from allergies ,hayfever and sinus problems everyday plus we both suffer from insomnia , I regularly dust and clean the bedding ……but would love to try these pillows

  38. My Asthma keeps me awake every night. I can’t sleep without needing ventolin and even then I still sleep restlessly.
    This pillow might help me breathe easier at night.

  39. I would stop sneezing at night and first thing in the morning using this pillow. I need to get new ones, as I hate to imagine what creepy crawlies and dead skin are in my current pillow.

  40. Allergy Triggers no more,
    This Tontine pillow I’d adore,
    Restless sleep for years,
    A good night sleep would see me cheer!

  41. I’m asthmatic and wheeze a lot so a pillow that can help prevent asthma attacks would be a godsend!

  42. My husband suffers from Asthma, so when there is dust and allergens around the house he struggles to breathe, a pillow like this would give him a better sleep, as well as me!

  43. Allergies affect everyone in my family. Now it’s time to start filtering allergies away! The filter on this pillow will help prevent the access of bugs and bacteria into the pillow. Sounds great to me!

  44. The severity of my allergies has escalated to the point where I am having all the carpet ripped up and saving for tiles to put down throughout the house, I’ve had to throw out my sheepskin underlay and my down overlay. The last thing I wanted to get rid of was my down pillow, but I know I just have to do that. The Tontine Sleep Angel would be a wonderful improvement to my quality of sleep and my general well being.

  45. Sleep so critical yet I wake with caughing fits, allergies waking me from my slumber, if only this pillow would help

  46. Not me directly, but my partner suffers allergies especially at night.. His nose blocks up, he can’t sleep properly which in turn effects my sleep because he’s up and down all night, blowing his nose and sniffing every two seconds.. Then if and when he does finely settle, his breathing becomes heaving, not snoring, just loud breathing, which will keep me awake.. So the cycle continues….

  47. I wake up in the middle of the night because my nose is blocked and I can’t breath. I would love to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep every once in a while.

  48. Test results from hospital has confirmed that I’m allergic to 2 types of common dustmites (amongst other things). This causes very itchy skin which then resulted in eczema flare up, sometimes with blood oozing out of the skin. Would love to try this pillow to see whether it really works.

  49. My son always has the sniffles
    Poor fella,
    Might be allergies I thinks!
    Tontine pillows could help make him better

  50. My son’s had asthma and allergies since he was born, we keep the house as clean and dust free as possible because it’s very scarey when he can’t breathe.

  51. I am allergic to pollen, dust, mold and interestingly enough, silverfish!
    I havent been attacked by any silverfish recently but I am sure that a beautiful Tontine Sleep Angel pillow would make my other allergies disappear overnight!

  52. constantly stuffed up nose and morning headaches from poor sleep would hopefully be a thing of the past

  53. This sounds just like something that would make me able to sleep alot better than i do. I have tried so hard to find a great pillow and i really love the sound of this. As i wake up easily with coughing and sneezing so this could solve this problem for me.

  54. My son has asthma and sleep apnoea. Both allergens and temperature extremes cause him to gasp and temporarily stop breathing at night. I often have no sleep because I keep myself alert just in case. A Tontine sleep angel would ensure peace of mind and sleep for me as well as him!

  55. Asthma as it affects my wife as she coughs a lot and she dopesn’t smoke and it affects me as I worry about her

  56. My Asthma flairs up during winter. I’d love to try this pillow to see if there is a difference.

  57. Asthmas affects both of my children’s lives especially at night. Cough cough cough and restless tossing and turning is all we hear so little sleep we get as well. These pillows we havent tried before and as most of our children’s Asthma struggles happen to occur at night, it seems like an opportune time to try them and see if we can all get some more sleep and my children’s lungs get a rest as well.

  58. Allergies affect my life and make me feel depressed and no energy to do anything this pillow would help me heaps

  59. My son and husband both suffer allergies – I live in a household where we go through boxes of tissues weekly (I’d use one box a year!). Son is constantly stuffed up and ‘dry-blowing’ his nose while husband is consumed by massive sneezes throughout the day. If I won this pillow, I’d buy another and have a much peaceful household!

  60. Allergies take the spring out of my step and leave me feeling average. It’s comforting to know that Tontine’s Sleep Angel is able to look after me when I’m tucked in bed. This pillow’s ability to help reduce exposure to allergens while I’m sleeping would allow me to start the day refreshed and with a smile!

  61. My son is allergic to household dust mites (amongst other things!) and is also asthmatic.
    He really struggled at times 🙁
    This pillow sounds great for him, it’s amazing what science and technology can achieve!

  62. This would be great, i have to buy new pillows & protectors every 6months due to severe asthma. Constant medications & puffers are needed so anything that could help would be a godsend.

  63. I suffer from allergies but it seems to hit me at night giving me asthma (probably need to upgrade the pillows!) I have to take anti histamines before i go to bed just so i don’t wake up gasping fro air. A new tontine sleep angel pillow would be amazing!

  64. Be it hayfever in Spring or the Winter sniffles, this pillow would be a great help in reducing my symptoms, ensuring I have a good night’s sleep, when I need it most.

  65. Asthma, hayfever, sinus, sneezing like crazy, that is my normal life at this time of the year. Help!

  66. I am sneezing like crazy thanks to dust mites. I have a red nose and it hurts. I need this pillow so I can sleep like a baby (or sleep more like a man) 😉

  67. I suffer from a bad back and hips placing a lot of stress on my body. I am also exposed to radiation from modern technology and pollution from my city environment which effect my asthma and hayfever. All these factors are causing an interrupted sleep pattern resulting in my energy flow to be uneven and unbalanced, leading to tension, muscle spasm, and raised blood pressure!
    I’d love to win this new Tontine Sleep Angel pillow so I can achieve a total restoration of my body by sleeping deeply and uninterrupted, the whole night through thus transforming my bed into an oasis of rest and sweet dreams.

  68. All my 7 year old daughter wanted for her birthday was a pillow pet. We knew she has dust allergies which lead to asthma, but it’s all she wanted. So that’s what we bought and that’s what caused another trip to the hospital. It’s always worse in winter, so a Tontine Sleep Angel pillow would be a godsend.

  69. Tossing, turning, sniffing! Constantly uptight!
    Allergies cause me, many a restless night!
    TONTINE’s Sleep Angel Pillow, would end such frustration!
    Creating peaceful sleep! ~A dreamy sensation!

  70. I have suffered from bad allergies all my life. They grew worse when I was in my teens and have been pretty bad for the last few years. The symptoms get so bad they have brought me to tears in the past, and often it is very difficult to function normally and an otherwise happy day is ruined by this dreadful condition.
    Medication only works a little bit some of the time, so lately I’ve been looking into other ways I might manage my allergies. The concept of changing my pillow is something I’ve only recently discovered, and being a student I would love the chance to do this for free – who would have thought pillows were so expensive! Please, send me a sleep angel to rescue me from this allergy nightmare!

  71. It’s really hard to get a good nights sleep when I’m sneezing and blocked up all night, it’s not good for hubby trying to sleep either. The Tontine Sleep Angel™ could help put the sleep back into our lives, imagine waking refreshed for a day playing with the kids, what a dream.

  72. Our son used to have multiple food intolerances, but now his only issue is being intolerant to household dust. I’m very conscious of clean bedding and carpets.

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