Coming Soon: The Americans TV Show

Monday May 27th is going to see the premiere of another brand new show to Australian TV on Channel 10. The Americans first aired on the FX Network on January 30 and was so well received it has been renewed for a second season, here’s hoping that it takes off in Australia as well.

The Americans is a period drama set in the era of the Cold War in the early 1980’s, beginning in 1981. The show follows married couple Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, Soviet KGB officers posing as a married couple to spy on the United States from suburban Washington D.C.

The lead characters have both moved far from the roles that made them household names, Keri Russell rose to fame in the title role as college girl Felicity and Matthew Rhys played Kevin in Brothers & Sisters.

the americans

The Americans is set in the white picket fence world of suburbia where Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are playing the part of normal Americans almost perfectly, during the day anyway. Their roles are played so well that even their children don’t know what they get up to when the moon comes up.

Philip and Elizabeth share an arranged marriage, and this is something I am intrigued to find out a lot more about as their children are almost teenagers, and as the days pass their marriage becomes more conventional as their feelings grow. It seems a lot of the focus in The Americans is on the marriage and the relationships these two are involved in as they remain deep undercover and have to live such contradictory lives between their roles as suburban Americans and their careers as Soviet Spies. All gets more complicated when an FBI moves in across the road, an agent involved in the search for Russian spies posing as Americans among other things.

This entire premise sounds both engaging and entertaining so I think I will have to clear my schedule between 8.30pm and 10pm on Mondays starting on the 27th May. This show is set to become the next big drama and if the trailer’s anything to go by it will be action packed as well.


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