Coming Soon: Betrayal TV Show

The last couple of days have seen America start rolling out teasers and trailers for their new shows to air later this year. Soon it will also be the time for new seasons of some of our favourites, I know that I am itching for the return of at least one much loved show.

More exciting than new seasons of the shows that we already love is the anticipation of the brand new show, new characters, new stories and if we get really lucky, the discovery of some fabulous new talents.

One of these new shows is Betrayal, picked up by the ABC for their Fall schedule, I have just been checking out a trailer and it certainly looks like entertaining.

Filled with scandal, sex and hot bodies there is sure to be something for everyone in this new drama written by David Zabel of ER fame. There are some big names gracing the screen on this project and some relative newcomers.

Fans of E.T will get to see Henry Thomas (E.T.’s Elliott) all grown up as T.J Karsten, Stuart Townsend whom I loved in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, though less so in Queen of the Damned,  as Jack McAllister, Chris J. Johnson as Drew Hadley, formerly Logan Fell in The Vampire Diaries, and if you would like a little more distinguished in your gentleman James Cromwell plays a starring role as Thatcher Karsten.


The girls of Betrayal are all new to me, though not new to the industry. Hannah Ware plays Sara Hadley in Betrayal and recently she was Emma Kane in Boss, Wendy Moniz is Elaine McAllister and comes from many TV shows, including The Mentalist, Nash Bridges, One Life To Live and Damages, the Betrayal cast also includes Elizabeth McLaughlin and Helena Mattsson.

Betrayal is all tied up with sex, scandal and murder; which inevitably leads to Betrayal and revenge.

Sara Hadley is a photographer and unhappily married to Drew Hadley, high profile prosecutor with dreams of moving into politics.

Jack McAllister is an attorney employed by a powerful family and married to Elaine, the daughter of his boss. As lead counsel for his company it will be him defending T.J. Karsten in the high-profile murder case of his father’s brother-in-law. The same case that excites Drew Hadley because it could be the case that secures his political future.

To complicate matters a recent chance meeting between Sara and Jack saw the sparks of attraction fly and refuse to be ignored. A passionate affair begins and it isn’t long before the lovers are caught on opposing sides of the murder investigation and I can only assume that not only is this investigation high profile but also very public which leaves the lovers both on a knife edge with everything to lose.

I can not wait to see how this show plays out, it certainly has me intrigued and I can’t wait to find out when we will be able to watch on Aussie screens. If the story wasn’t enough to suck me in the idea of Stuart Townsend embroiled in a torrid affair certainly would be – there has to be lots of near naked scenes to keep us ladies entertained.

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