Tasty Non Alcoholic Chocolate Truffles

My life has swirled into a truffle rolling haze of late, what started with a decision to try Tipsy Truffles with Flaschengeist Tiramisu snowballed into experimenting with lots of alcoholic flavours – which I will come tell you about soon. I first planned to do a Tantalizing Truffle post with all of my alcohol-induced truffles but they required a little more experimentation.

I have made alcoholic truffles for a family Christmas function, non-alcoholic truffles for the end of year class party at school and tonight I’m making more non-alcoholic truffles for the work Christmas morning tea and these are of a slightly more experimental nature also.

The biggest thing this exercise has taught me is that truffles are limited only by your imagination.

This time of year is perfect for truffles because there are lots of functions and you are often required to bring a plate, truffles are a perfect option because you can experiment with different flavours and different coatings and they are really not that difficult.

Another fabulous use for truffles is as a home-made gift from the heart for those people that you don’t know what to buy for, or when you have decided not to do gifts but would still like to do something. A cute Christmas box or basket and some cellophane or tissue paper and you have a gorgeous gift. A few different batches and you would be surprised how far they will go.

The basic chocolate truffle recipe remains unchanged throughout and then you can let your imagine guide you the rest of the way. I am going to dedicate this post to my non-alcoholic experiments because these all worked as is with no adjustments to the recipe.

Basic Truffle Recipe


♥ 200g chocolate, roughly chopped
♥ 1/3 cup cream
♥ 1 Tbsp flavouring
♥ coating of choice


♥ Place chocolate and cream in microwave safe bowl
♥ Microwave on high for 1 minute
♥ Stir mixture until combined and smooth
♥ Add flavouring and stir until combined and smooth
♥ Refrigerate covered until firm, but not completely set – usually 3-4 hours
♥ Roll teaspoonfuls of mixture into balls
♥ Roll in coating and place on tray lined with baking paper
♥ Refrigerate until completely set.

This makes about 25 truffles depending on the size you roll them.

Flavour options:

I have used dark chocolate, 1 Tbsp peppermint essence and rolled in tinted coconut – plain dessicated coconut would have been fine but I had tinted in the freezer from a birthday cake.

I also made Orange using milk chocolate, 1 Tbsp Orange essence and rolled in sprinkles.

Tonight I am making Passionfruit and Strawberry, each with 1 Tbsp of essence.

To roll these without losing too much chocolate all over yourself, have the mixture as cold as you can while still malleable, roll as quickly as you can and try to get your hands extremely cold.

I will also, sometime this week, be making orange and peppermint but also creme de cacao because my sister in law has a little flavouring stash that we raided for experimental purposes. One other that we both thought sounded fabulous, but we don’t have at hand, is pineapple – I think that would be divine.

All of these have been quite tasty, the peppermint absolutely amazing, and there are never any to bring home. Give it a go this holiday season and watch them fly off the plate.

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