Well Naturally High Protein Mini Bars

Well Naturally have created a mini protein bar for those of us who aren’t aiming for body builder championships but work out to stay trim and toned.

The Well Naturally High Protein Mini Bars are small enough to keep in all the convenient spots so they are never far when you need them. They are ‘bite-sized’ so won’t undo all your hard work and contain less than 5 grams of carbs and under 100 calories. Each 25g bar is 38% protein to help post workout muscle recovery as well as building & strengthening muscles and holding off hunger.

Mini Protein Banana Fudge

Protein bars always make me think of chalky, powdery textured chemical tasting cardboard so I was a little hesitant trying these.

I found the Well Naturally High Protein Mini Bars to be chewy and soft without that texture I feared. They are a convenient and tasty little snack easy to keep on hand for that boost. Vegetarians and vegans can use them to help reach their daily protein intake and those with weightloss in mind can eat them without fear of risking their goals.

Mini Protein

Well Naturally High Protein Mini Bars are available in 6 flavours and I can personally vouch for the tastiness of three of them. I have tried the Double Choc, Cherry Delight and Banana Fudge and I enjoyed all three of them even though I am not usually a fan of banana flavouring but this bar tasted just like a banana paddle pop. The other 3 flavours are Peppermint Surprise, French Vanilla and Caramel Fudge; all of which I am quite interested in trying and will be checking out with my weekly shops in the upcoming weeks.

Well Naturally High Protein Mini Bars are available in the protein section of Woolworths with an RRP of $2.05

For more information please visit: www.vitalitybrands.com/well-naturally

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