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Scratch the surface of any man and there’s very little that’s civilized underneath. You know it and we ladies want you to show it… but only when the time is right. For appearances’ sake, we want you sleek, sophisticated and smooth-as, so to tame the beast, get your hands on VS Sassoon’s new i-PRO™ Intensive for a perfect, stylish on-trend hair cut worthy of a ROAR!


This superior clipper comes with a heavy-duty 4.0V DC motor, VS for Men’s most powerful and formidable motor EVER. Providing 3x more cutting power than a regular magnetic motor for an ultra powerful cutting action, it delivers the ultimate on-trend salon-even hair cut quickly and easily and very commandingly.



Precision-engineered, this clipper is equipped with XL Professional Performance Blades made from especially-hardened Japanese steel with a unique super-sharp cutting angle for ultra smooth effortless cutting. NOTHING touches these blades for accuracy and ferocity.


And you won’t beat this clipper on performance either. Achieving a 100% evenly finished hair cut in ONE stroke, even on longer hair (coat) lengths, it can be used on mains power or cordless for total convenience and control with lithium-ion technology that gives sustained power performance even at lower charge levels. A 75 minute run time and quick charge allows for maximum autonomy and potency.

The VS for Men i-PRO™ Intensive is exploding with even more ferocious features including;

  • A taper lever allowing for fine adjustments and precision clipping from 0.6mm to 3mm.
  • World-wide voltage (for beasts on the move).
  • 8 comb guides – grade 1 to 8 (3.25mm) so you can choose your finish.
  • Left and right ear guides (because even raging beats need protection)
  • A range of handy accessories (including a travel pouch, cleaning brush, oil and barber’s comb)

The VS for Men i-PRO ™ Intensive comes with a three year warranty and is available from Harvey Norman and Shaver Shop nationally. RRP $132.95. Stockists: 1800 650 263. Model number VS7475A.

Look sharp, striking AND sophisticated this season with the i-PRO ™ Intensive! It makes the ideal gift for Christmas, if only for yourself!

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3 of our members have been trialling the VS Sassoon For Men iPro, this is what they had to say:

SARAH tested the iPRO on her husband

When I found out I was selected to review the VS Sassoon iPRO clippers my husband was over the moon as he has had his current clippers for more than 10 years now.  He had been holding out on having a haircut until we received the new clippers so when they arrived a few days ago he was eager to try them out.

As soon as we opened the box we were both impressed, such a super sleek design you can tell just by looking at them that they will give you a great haircut – and they do!  We immediately put them on charge so that he could use them without the cord – a feature that hubby’s old clippers were lacking.  Once charged he was all set for his haircut.  As soon as he began he noticed how powerful the iPRO was.


The power combined with the cordless feature allowed him to cut his hair quickly and with no effort at all.  I think he was a little disappointed when he was done as he wanted to continue playing with them, this is when I ran out the bathroom door as I didn’t fancy being next!  The iPRO clippers are definitely far more superior to any other clippers my husband has previously used.

The only thing that we found lacking was that there was no protective guard for the blades when not in use, but aside from that they’re an excellent product, have certainly tamed my hubby’s mane.

LISA tested the iPRO on her 17 month old son

As a mother I like to know that what I’m doing for my son is the very best I can do, in his very short life so far (He is 17 months old) Jack has had only one hair cut…

From this his hair came back thicker and quicker and now my little man is starting to look a little like a little girl and I have had quite a few people ask me “is your baby a boy or a girl”. So I knew once again it was once again time for my little boy to have his hair cut, our first experience with the clippers was OK and he sat through it for a while but began to wiggle because it was taking so long for the clippers to cut his very fine hair….

This time around I was given the VS Sassoon i-Pro Intensive to try and boy did it make a world of difference, not only did it take half the time to cut Jack’s hair but it was a cleaner job – we still do have to do another clip with a few little bits we missed (due to Jack trying to watch what we were doing and moving his head) but overall the VS Sassoon i-Pro did an amazing job on my little boys hair, a great feature is that it isn’t as loud as most clippers are so we didn’t have to try and distract him from the noise, we told Jack that his favourite TV character (Busby) was buzzing around to say hello and to listen for the buzz, Jack loved this concept and was happy to sit and be cuddled whilst we cut his hair.

lisa and jack

The i-Pro is light weight and easy to handle as you can use it with or without the cord (It can be recharged), it also comes with some great features that my partner has also tried out, he too used the i-Pro to cut his own hair and he was really impressed with how fast it cuts along with how well it cuts.

The i-Pro is great for any household that has men or young boys that use clippers on their hair because it is gentle and quite enough for little ones and fast and good to handle for the older generation too. I would recommend the VS Sassoon i-Pro intensive to anyone and give it a 5 star rating for performance, style and sensitivity – it cut like a breeze and didn’t get clogged and pull on my son’s hair.

Thank you VS Sasson for making such a great product.

RACHEL tested the iPRO on her husband

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the VS Sassoon for Men – i-PRO intensive Hair Clippers and I must say I was immediately impressed. After taking it from the box and admiring it’s colour (my husband straight away commented “A car in that colour would be nice!) I read the instructions, which were super clear and easy to follow and commenced charging it before it’s first use.

It charged in no time and was ready to use after first applying the oil (supplied with the clippers) which was super easy. It uses lithium-ion technology which gives it sustained shave time of up to 75 minutes with just a 3 hour charge time. It also has a quick charge option of 30 minutes.

Next to find my guinea pig, my husband who is very much in need of a haircut!!! I usually clip his hair with cheap $20 clippers so this was the comparison. The media release which came with the product described it as a professional grade hair trimmer, featuring engineered Japanese steel blades that are specifically hardened to deliver a salon-even hair cut effortlessly.

It feels extremely sturdy, yet not heavy, in your hand, and the cordless option is great giving you more freedom as you clip. It can also be operated from the mains but I found the option of cordless to good to resist and it certainly made the job much easier. The motor was powerful yet operation is very quiet. My husband’s hair was quite long and it gave a professional, high quality, even finish with 100% hair cut in one stoke with constant, sustained power. Unlike the cheap clippers that pull at the hair, cut unevenly and you have to go over again and again to get an even finish. (It also has a taper lever: fine adjustment taper for precision clipping. 0.6mm to 3mm settings).

A big bonus is how easy it is to clean after use. The only thing I didn’t like (and that might be because I didn’t really know how to use them properly) was the left and right ear guides. I found them a little confusing to use. So I chose to trim and neaten around the ear with the supplied scissors. With a little more practice I should be able to get it right.

The package includes a travel pouch, cleaning brush, oil, barber’s comb and scissors, eight combing guides(3-25mm) for flexibility and left and right ear guides and the best bit is, a three year warranty.

If you’re in the market looking for something to help tame mens hair-related issues, then the new VS for Men I-Pro Intensive Clipper are definitely for you and I give it 10/10!

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