Catch Of The Day

Author: Kristan Higgins
: 9781921796388

Admittedly I was slightly hesitant about starting this book. After having read a few “romance” novels of the late and not being all that impressed, I was cringing thinking of another one to come. However, much to my delight, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel (and felt a little guilty for judging so quickly).

We are firstly introduced to the main female character Maggie, whose point of view we follow. We learn that she is in her early thirties, lives in a rather small town and is the owner of the one and only diner in the area. It’s also quickly drawn to our attention that Maggie is single and has been for quite some time. It would appear she’s not so lucky in the love games and has developed an attraction to the town’s newest male member, the catholic priest.

I had some internal panic upon reading her lack-of-love-life. Not another female character whinging about her man-less life! But, lucky for me Maggie didn’t have a desperate tone, she’s perfectly happy with her single life she shares with her Labrador Colonel.  And goodness knows she’s busy, with her day job of owning the diner and her multiple volunteering jobs through the church, mostly done because of her inability to say no to a reportedly handsome and completely un-touchable priest.

catch of the day

After having enough of being constantly compared to her ‘perfect’ and married twin sister, having a rather intrusive mother who never delays in telling Maggie her time is “running out” and knowing that her feelings for Father Tim are completely wasted, Maggie decides to be set up on blind dates. It’s almost needless to say; the dates don’t end up being quite as Maggie hoped. After a rather disastrous night which results in her being saved by the towns mysterious loner Malone, Maggie finds herself unwillingly attracted to him and sets out to find all she can about Malone.

If you’re thinking the next part of the book involves both Maggie and Malone falling deeply and happily in love, it’s not what you expect. Whilst there are feelings on both parts, Maggie is frustrated by Malone’s lack of communication and closed-off ways. There are many obstacles to overcome and various miss-communication errors.

Although the book does end well in terms of relationships, I feel some people may not feel completely satisfied. There are various questions that are left unanswered, most of which revolve around Malone.

Catch of the Day was an entertaining and well written novel in my opinion. Maggie was a loving and bubbly character you couldn’t help but adore. Kristan Higgins did a marvellous job of painting a bright picture of Maggie’s life for us.  A witty and realistic novel that is bound to please the lovers of romance.

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