Web Series: In Transit

Sydney is the backdrop for new web series In Transit, the first two episodes were released online on October 7, 2012 with the remaining 6 episodes of season 1 to be released once a week.

In Transit is the project of young Australian artists Maddy Butler and Thulasai Sivapalan, after struggling to establish their careers in the arts they decided to join forces and create their own opportunity, and so In Transit was born.

This is a comedy series about 4 twenty-something men and their personal journeys to who they want to be, and the adventures that find them on the way.

In Transit was a large and professionally run production with a low budget and a range of Sydney based artists. No one was paid but the series provided valuable opportunities for young artists to gain experience and exposure in the arts. The series also features music by upcoming Australian musicians sourced through Triple J’s Unearthed.

Sydney is showcased in the series with locations stretching fro Greater Western Sydney to the Inner West, to the Eastern Suburbs and the city centre.

“We are proud of the work we have created. We believe that there is a great opportunity for the arts community to produce more projects in Sydney,” says Thulaisi.

Creators Maddy and Thulaisi want to encourage Australians to create their own projects, Australia is home to many talented artists who remain unnoticed but who could create something of their own and web series are ideal.

in transit

In Transit is unquestionably Australian, even with its avoidance of Australian stereotypes and slang, and it promotes Australian artists and musicians still working at finding their place in the industry.

The series follows a group of friends in their twenties and it was created by artists of the same age group that have worked to keep the series realistic and relatable. The situations these characters find themselves in are ones we have been in or seen for ourselves.

Originally the idea for In Transit involved basing the characters on Thulaisi’s group of friends but as the characters were developed they evolved somewhat into their own distinct personalities. The series incorporates important issues faced by their friends and thousands of others across the country, and the world, including gambling and drugs.

The issues may be serious but the manner in which they are handled can be quite inventive, not to mention humorous, and are certain to keep you entertained.

Episodes 1 and 2 are available now and episode 3 won’t be far away so head over and check them out, ad free and free (can’t ask much more than that).

The series can be watched on intransitwebseries.com and followed on www.facebook.com/InTransitWebSeries.

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