Get the Look: The Dark Classic Bob

The 1920’s black and white starlet Louise Brooks was the inspiration for Phaedra Hairdressing’s ‘Beautiful/Strange’ Collection.

The classic bob is a timeless shape which Phaedra has created into a modern and sleek style. The look is suitable for most hair types and requires minimal maintenance when cut well.

Andy Restuccia is the Creative Director of Phaedra and describes how this high fashion look can be achieved.



The stylist is to use strict cutting methods to execute the technical elements of the hair cut. In order for the hair to sit well it is important that close attention is paid to the hairline, growth patterns and movement of hair. In particular, it is important to use precision cutting methods to modernise the cut from the classic bob shape. Furthermore, soft layering techniques can be used to achieve the movement and soft nature of the style.

The fringe should be dried naturally with a flat, vent or denman brush and then cut to achieve a smooth line.

When styling the look, again use a suitable brush to blowdry the hair straight. If necessary, a straightening iron can be used to smooth over the hair. To finish, rub a small amount of styling crème in your hands and rub it over the hair.


Phaedra has used a rich natural dark brown colour in the hair to compliment the classic elegance of the cut. The colour is a simple ammonia free semi permanent which creates a shiny glossy and healthy feel to the hair.

The colour needs minimum maintenance, as it is a semi permanent, the pigments slowly leave the hair without any harsh growth.

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