Naomi Braun

Naomi Braun is a talented singer songwriter from Melbourne whose recently released full-length album Through The Devil’s Wood was co-produced by Naomi and mixed by London’s Lotek. The album features New York’s Johanny Paulino, ‘Gabriel’, on Live in Lies and a collaboration with Jamaican reggae masters Sly and Robbie on title track Through The Devil’s Wood.

There is an undeniable ethereal and haunting quality to this album that captivates you in Braun’s lyrics as well as her vocals. The film clip for first single Deeper was approached from an extremely artistic angle and given a real fantasy feel. The entire album has a strong vein of fantasy running through it, whether that’s in the music, lyrics or an inseparable combination of the two I can’t be sure but it is certainly there.

Through The Devils Wood is a project that Braun has been working on for 8 years through many life changes, and it’s a project that she has kept a tight rein on creative control. Braun independently funded the release because she wanted to be the one making the decisions and retain creative control, in addition to having written and produced the album.

naomi braun

An interesting piece of info I came across is that Naomi Braun is not formally trained in music yet she wrote piano parts and orchestral arrangements for this album which have more than challenged some of her trained counterparts.

Blending genres seamlessly to create an artistic masterpiece that will stimulate the imagination as it combines soul, dub, electro and the spoken word to culminate in Through The Devils Wood.

I am listening to the album as I type and I think the absolute perfect setting to fully immerse yourself in and enjoy this album would be while relaxing peacefully in a gloriously luxurious bubble bath; somewhere peaceful and relaxing where you can lay back and allow the music to transport you to the fantasy land conjured by these tracks. Just the thought of it is heavenly.

Track Listing

Flow Right
I Get Carried Away
Another Lifetime
Through The Devil’s Wood
Never Coming Back
Live in Lies
Beg The Dub (Love)
Rap ‘N Rhyme Me
Foolish Girl
So High

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