Atlanta – Ron Pope

Often bittersweet and always heartfelt Ron Pope’s first Australian release album ‘Atlanta’ is an emotional journey through the heart. Pope’s vocals give an immeasurable depth to the sometimes heartbreaking lyrics penned by this gifted and prolific storyteller.

The entire album has a very cohesive feel but it doesn’t really want to be boxed into a genre and I have spent quite some time today trying to decide where I would put it. There are places on the album that have a distinct folk vibe, some rock moments, and there were even times I thought bordered on country. So let’s call it Alternative, it is Ron Pope – heart and soul.

Music and lyrics combine pefectly to draw you in. I can’t sit back and just let the music wash over me, I can’t listen to this CD as background music because it drags me in and has me singing along while I think about their relatability.

These lyrics are going to appeal to a diverse range of people, these are universal issues and universal situations that we all find ourselves in throughout our lives, if not exactly then the concept or the emotion of the lyrics will have touched a part of your life.

All of these tracks tugged at my heartstrings, there is no denying that, but that’s not to say some of these tracks aren’t upbeat and a celebration. That’s one of the things I love about ‘Atlanta’, it explores a range of emotions and responses.

These are songs that stay with me long after the CD has ceased playing and I’m sure that will remain the case.


I Do Not Love You is a breathtaking ballad that every woman is going to wish someone had written for her.

The heavy drum and guitar tracks will get you rocking, and then there’s instruments I don’t recognise but they sure fill their spots beautifully.

Sometimes is a track of celebration of life and making the most of every day, it has a great beat and it’s a definite sing-a-long song. It’s more upbeat but there are still tender moments reclining quietly in the middle that may catch you unaware, they almost got me the first time.

I don’t think this CD will ever be far from my playlist! And if you get the chance to go see this guy in November, I would definitely recommend it. You can find tour details HERE

Track Listing
One Grain of Sand
Tears of Blood
I Do Not Love You
City In Motion
Bitterness or Sympathy
Waking Up
A Wedding in Connecticut
Sweet Redemption
In My Bones
October Trees
About the Rain

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