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When VS Sassoon launched the Big Hair Styler it created a phenomenon as it allowed a very high fashion look to be achieved at home. The Big Hair Styler 1000 is setting the sophistication style benchmark just that little bit higher. Ingeniously brimming with all the features and benefits of the Big Hair Styler, this new tool promotes diversification in hair styling. Now you can style the new season short, geometrical Vidal Sassoon inspired retro styles as well as your take on the consistently high fashion big hair look that continues to rule on the runway.

The Big Hair Styler 1000 COMBINES the benefits of a hairdryer with a CHOICE of rotating motorised brushes in the one tool making the styling process very easy and suited to any cut and look. Both ceramic barrel brushes create maximum fullness and body as you style, the soft bristles also creating high shine and smoothness. The brushes are easily de/attachable and come with a protective cover when not in use. The Big Hair Styler 1000 has also been designed with both ionic and ceramic technologies. This allows for even heat distribution and again, maximum stand-out shine.

big hair styler 1000

Unique Features:

  • Multi-directional, motorised brushes with ceramic barrels easily create volume & shape.
  • 2 rotation buttons rotate in clockwise & anticlockwise direction, again for ease of use, activation is for both sized brushes.
  • 2 heat/ speed settings plus a cool setting for variable style control.
  • Two barrels sizes, 50mm and 38mm, perfect for all hair lengths
  • Both sized brushes have soft bristle brush for smoothness & shine.
  • Both brushes come with their own covers, to ensure your brushes are stored with care.
  • 1000 watts of power – create the style you like, quicker with faster styling power!
  • Ionic conditioning technology™ harnesses an internal ionic generator which conditions hair to reduce static, leaving hair silky and shiny.


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3 of our members have been trialling the VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000, this is what they had to say:

MICHAELA – The long haired girl with a fringe

The VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler promises to deliver extra volume and fullness through its two nifty motorised rotating brush heads and directed stream of hot, warm or cool air.

Honestly speaking, I have big hair normally and don’t really need the extra va-va-volume. What I do need is a less fiddly way to dry and style my hair that removes the need to juggle a vented brush and hairdryer.

The round ceramic brush (I used the larger one for my lengths) is really most excellent in pulling hair strands taut while blasting a medium warmth flow of air to dry. It’s not the hottest hairdryer/styler I’ve used at 700watts*, but it still finishes off my hair in about a third less time than my normal hairdryer. I did try creating body using the rotating brush head, but couldn’t quite master the technique after two different sessions. I think I might just have it next time though!

Michaela Before
Michaela During
Michaela After

My absolutely favourite function of the Big Hair Styler is that it’s the ultimate time saving tool for taming troublesome tresses. In particular for my most problematic part, my new wayward fringe. I’ve tried the blow dry and brush down, but that’s nothing compared to sliding the styler beneath my bangs, giving it a (very) quick spin, and voila! flyaway fringe is replaced with a stretched down, uniform brow-grazer. I then brushed over using the cool setting to set  and give the smoothest finish.

Pros:- Multiple heat settings, and the essential cold air function.
– Two different sized brushes to cover both long and short hair
– Helpful step-by-step instructions and explanations
– The handle is shaped so that all controls are easy to reach and flip on and off
– Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation means no wrist-twisting and switching to your non-dominant hand. Perfect for lefties!
– Most effortless way of styling fringes I’ve found so far
– A shinier finish than regular blow-drying

Cons: – Like you’d probably expect, the brush heats up quickly and can burn if you’re changing between brush heads.
– The techniques of using the spin function does take time to perfect

* Editor’s note: The Big Hair Styler 1000 does actually have a 1000 watt option which is ideal for longer hair.

AMANDA – The short haired girl

I was very excited to receive the VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler to trial!! I wasn’t ready to review it, but had a little play in my hair to get the feel for it, and even used it on my 4 year old daughters hair.

It certainly took a few goes to figure out how to use it (even after watching the online video and reading the instructions) – to get the feel of using tension against the styler, to pull against as it pulled towards, but once I got the idea it was very simple to use.

My daughter’s hair is straight on the top and curly on the ends and quite fine and wiry. It left her hair with lots of body and bounce and so soft and silky!! So today was my turn to REALLY try it out on me! As you can see from my before photo, I have left my hair to dry naturally (it is almost dry) and although I have brushed it, it is just doing what it wants. I ALWAYS have to straighten my hair, and even if I blowdry it, it is still doing its own thing and still needs a little straightening! Obviously this leaves my hair very dry and brittle, even with leave in conditioner. So I started. I did get my hair tangled a couple of times as I forget it was going to wrap the hair around, but the combination of it drying AND styling at once was wonderful!!

Amanda Before
Amanda After
Amanda After

Usually when you blow dry your hair you still have to style it, but this was able to do it all in one! My hair is quite thick and has many different lengths and layers, but I was able to style all of it and you can see from the after photos the results!! In the after photos, I have run my fingers through parts of my hair, but I have NOT used a brush at all and I have used NO product in my hair!

My hair feels soft and smooth – just like I have stepped out of the hairdresser!! It is styled – I DON’T have to straighten it as well!! And the Vidal Sassoon Big Hair Styler was fun to use!! I will be recommending this product to my friends and online and will happily use it again and again and again. I am pleased that I will be able to put my straightener in the back of the cupboard and just use this styler! It will also give my hair a chance to get healthy and luscious again – OOh! And also a big plus is that it comes with two different sized attachments! One for short hair (like mine) and one for longer hair (like my daughter’s)! I am very glad she is only 4 as I have a feeling that this would disappear into her room otherwise for her use only!! Thank you Beauty & Lace and Vidal Sassoon for the chance to trial this wonderful new product!

TRACY – The curly and straight haired girl

To be honest I was so excited to receive this product, and I now believe I had every right to be. The VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler is an AWESOME product. The main piece is a hair dryer that attaches to two different sized rollers; it has forwards and backwards switches, along with different heat settings.

After seeing all of this and slowly but surely putting it together whilst reading the instructions, I was ready to try this awesome machine. I flicked the switch and the hair dryer started blowing through the brushes whilst they spun.


Tracy Before
Tracy Before
Tracy After
Tracy After
Tracys Girls Before
Tracy's Girls Before
Tracy's Girls After

I slowly put it to my hair and it grabbed hold and wound and twisted into my head, hahahaha, and boy did that scare me for a second, but then laughing away at myself I tried again putting a little more pressure pulling it down ward and I was away.

Now my hair is straight on top and REALLY curly underneath naturally, just awful, and I have a hair straightener but it takes soooo long to do my hair, I’m tired by the time I’m finished. But this VS SASSOON BIG HAIR STYLER had my hair straight with flicks and curls in no time at all. IT IS AMAZING. I will ALWAYS own one. I also used it on my kids hair and only then did I realise the shine it gives your hair making it look so very healthy. So I went to check out my hair, and ohhh it felt and looked so soft and thin and silky. I cannot imagine having a single day without using My VS SASSOON BIG HAIR STYLER.

Thank you to Tracy, Michaela and Amanda for taking the time to review the Big Hair Styler 1000 for us!

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