The Winter I Chose Happiness – Clare Bowditch

The highly anticipated new Clare Bowditch album is set for release September 14 and it is an honest and inspiring musical journey through Clare’s quest to find happiness in her every day life.

The music has a very swinging and upbeat sound to it, lots of brass instruments and an ethereal quality to the sound.

This is an album that makes a perfect accompaniment to all activities, great for background music, great for a relaxing soundtrack to a soak or any other way you want to relax and unwind really. I would love to by laying outside soaking up some spring sunshine with an engrossing book and The Winter I Chose Happiness washing through me as the sun washes over me.

the winter i chose happiness

If you want to get caught up in the music and let the lyrics attack your subconscious it will certainly do so. If you want to listen closely to the lyrics and digest the messages I’m sure you will find them inspiring.

The Winter I Chose Happiness brings together Clare Bowditch’s musings and tells the story of how she made the decision to put things aside sometimes and choose to be happy. It is hard not to get swept away as you listen to the album with Bowditch’s glorious and emotive voice and the ethereal quality of the music.

Be inspired and take a little something away from this album, choose happiness and put aside those burdens you can’t control.

Track Listing

01. Let’s Get Happy Together
02. Thin Skin
03. One Little River
04. Amazing Life
05. Your Love Walks With Me
06. The One
07. Cocky Lady
08. You Will Know
09. The Big Happy
10. You Make Me Happy

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