Pantene Beautiful Lengths – With Naomi Watts

Pantene are partners with Look Good…Feel Better (a charity which helps cancer patients to feel better about themselves) and have launched a campaign called Beautiful Lengths.

The campaign involves regular Australian women – just like you – who can help to create real wigs for cancer patients at no cost. All you need to do is grow your hair and get ready to cut off your pony tail and donate it, and put a smile on a stranger’s face.

naomi watts

Naomi Watts is behind the cause and an ambassador for the program (along with Zoe Foster and hairstylist Barney Martin) and she said, “I’m really proud to be part of Pantene Beautiful Lengths and bring this fantastic cause home to Australia.

If we can support women undergoing cancer treatment by donating our hair, that’s a difference I hope many of us will make.”

The initiative started in the US in 2006, with over 311,000 ponytails donated to create 24,000 wigs. Now it is Australia’s turn to get our hair strong and healthy, then go for the cut!

The chop time will begin in Sydney on Monday 12th November, National Donate Your Hair Week will see hair donation events taking place across the country with women pledging their hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths cause.

To find out more please visit:

Will you cut off you ponytail for this amazing cause?

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