Get the Look: Marc Jacobs (NYFW)

Recently Marc Jacobs paraded their Spring / Summer 2013 collection on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

Redken’s Creative Consultant, Guido Palau was behind the Hair Directition for a look that was inspired by the 1960’s.

marc jacobs

Guido Palau described the look as:

“This is a styled-then-slept-in look: this girl had a glamorous hairstyle the night before, and this is it the moment she gets up the next day and is maybe walking down the street for a coffee.

The height around the face which I created with my new fashion-week go-to product, Redken quick tease 15, is enough to highlight the face, but is not over-the-top Amy Winehouse height. In addition, a few of the models had their hair colored very blonde and black last night, creating a stronger, more graphic silhouette which compliments this collection.”

marc jacob

Get the Look:

1. Apply a generous amount of guts 10 root targeted spray foam from roots to ends and blow dry straight.

2. Create a deep left part that is not perfectly clean, but defined.

3. Starting from the crown, begin to create volume by holding up small sections of hair straight up and away from the head. Spray root area with quick tease 15. Hold each section up for a few seconds as it dries and let fall, continuing on the next section and throughout the entire head for an all-over backcombed effect.

4. Gather hair into a low ponytail at the base of the head, leaving the height on top and adding powder refresh 01 for extra matte texture.

5. Using fingers pull a few wisps out of the final pony ensuring it doesn’t look too “done”, encouraging a softly dishevelled effect.

Redken Products:

  • guts 10 volume spray foam RRP $29.95
  • quick tease 15 backcombing lift finishing spray RRP$27.50
  • powder refresh 01 aerosol powder dry shampoo RRP$27.50

Image credits: Redken Australia

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