REVIEW: Body Science Active Wear

Your workout can embrace the neon trend with the Body Science’s special range of Active Compression fitnesswear for women in a variety of fun colours.

Before I go further into the look and feel of these clothes there are a few technical details which makes this collection special, the most impressive being the targeted compression. Basically what this means is, the pants have been designed in such a way that they target specific muscle groups which “improves performance, delays fatigue, reduces injury and speeds recovery.”

I have been wearing a sports bra and capri tights combo to see if they really do make a difference.

BSC Active Compression Summer Energy Capri Green

Starting with the pants, they are really comfortable with accurate sizing. There are number sizes like 8 and 10, rather than S, M, L – I find this much easier to work out my size, especially when shopping online.

They are cute for exercising, I’m not sure I would wear them as casualwear but they ARE designed for fitness and not for leisure so that isn’t really an issue. The material does seem to hold everything in and make you feel good as soon as you put them on – you can’t really put these on and not want to go for a run.

When working up a sweat these keep you dry, which is a definite plus especially during summertime. It is hard to tell whether they improve performance, I did feel like I could give a little bit more – but whether that was the pants, or me thinking about the pants I really can’t say for sure. Either way, I did run further than I normally would!

BSC Active Compression RacerMe Sports Bra Black RRP $69 95

The racerback sports bra is a favourite of mine, I like the fit and the fact that you can wear any top over it without there being that obvious bra look underneath. The fabric reminds me of bathing suit material and once again it is quick dry. These are really modern designs, and if you have the belly for it you could wear it without a tee over top.

I really believe that you need to wear the right outfit for working out, it is hard enough to get motivated so having something that fits well and makes you feel stronger is a real help – especially when there is science behind it!

Body Science is a new brand in my wardrobe, but I would certainly be looking to them for more activewear in the future.

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