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Today I am most excited to share with you an interview with the lovely Sue Lansdown, creator of all natural skincare range peachface.

Tailored especially for young tweens and teens, peachface uses the gentlest of ingredients to help encourage youngsters to take care of their skin from an early age, without using harsh chemicals.

sue peachface

Could you please tell us a little about your fabulous brand?

peachface skincare is age specific skin care for teenagers and younger girls (tweens). peachface products contain gorgeous natural, certified organic and Australian Indigenous ingredients which actively and gently cleanse, balance, moisturize. Perfectly formulated to care for young girls, all of the products have delightfully positive affirmations on them to remind girls that they are beautiful on the inside too.

What makes peachface different from others on the market?

peachface has a holistic outlook to beauty and wellbeing. peachface’s philosophy promotes a positive, well-rounded concept of self, beauty, and personal care. Promoting the use of a regular and natural skincare routine, eating well, drinking enough water and exercising all promote feeling positive about ones self as does healthy looking skin.

We understand that having a healthy complexion helps girls feel positive about themselves and is one thing less to worry about. We believe that having self-love and positive self-esteem is the path to ultimate beauty inside and out.


Why is it so important for teens/tweens to start a skincare routine at an early age?

peachface skincare is a fun and gentle way for young girls to explore caring for their skin, gain confidence and learn the importance of a routine. Ethical, age appropriate packaging and messages are all important!

Some girls begin to get blemishes (usually blackheads) as early as age 8. This is very normal as they begin to produce more sebum leading up to the teen years. peachface products with their gentle natural ingredients are ideal to nurture young skin.

The importance is the personal positive awareness, self-love and a pampering natural skin care routine. It’s better to begin a regular and positive routine early, one that is not based on out worn beauty myths. Beauty is more than skin deep it is a regular self-loving routine.

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

I begin my day with a meditation, watching what is active in mind, I drink a big glass of water, some flower essences and a good breaky. Even though I am no longer a young girl, I use our peachface tween range as it is very nurturing and contains the sweet and simple ingredients. I love the scent of the tween sweet blossom moisturiser, I find this routine very calming and grounding.

What are your best selling products?

Our best selling range is the tween range. We have been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of mums and their young daughters wanting to use these products. It is the only product range of its kind available. In the teen range the most sort after products are shine on facial scrub, sweet n saay cleanser and full bloom moisturiser.

Do you have any beauty/lifestyle tips?

My tips for beauty are basic. Eat healthy, drink water, go outside and run about in the park or at the beach, be silly, take good care of your skin using peachface skincare, read the affirmations to yourself and every time you walk past a mirror say ‘hello beautiful’. Self affirming kindness and love always.

Do you have any spa treatments done? If so, what’s your favourite?

Peachface Teen Spa is a spa treatment for professional beauticians to give teenagers and younger girls the benefits of an age specific facial, it is beautifully nurturing. Included in the teen spa is the peachface lymphatic massage. It is just wonderful, designed to drain the toxins out of the system, which is perfect for trouble skin types. I love using the teen spa facial scrub, it is hydrating and gently exfoliating, leaving my skin soft and supple. I use it once a week.

What’s next on the horizon for peachface?

We have a lot of work ahead over the next few months. We have our sites set on developing a plan to expanding into the Asian Market where our products are loved. We are also continuing to build , we have a lot of work ahead but I would love to create our website,  into a world of  information for girls where they can visit and learn more about this wonderful time of their life including the benefits of a positive, well-rounded concept of self, beauty, and personal care and how good natural skin care can help create that.

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We thank Sue very much for her time and sharing with us her fabulous brand.

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