Eternal Journey – New Atlantis

From the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space this game will keep you searching for clues that unravel the reasons for the disappearance of everyone on a space station on Mars, and the disappearance of Atlantis.

Graphics are crisp though still relatively dark and there did seem to be quite  a bit of backtracking, but that could just be my lack of strategy. Speaking of which, there is a detailed strategy guide if you find you are completely stuck.

The premise and story for the game is quite interesting linking events on Mars to the disappearance of Atlantis and the two are tied together by Archeologist Amrite Stone who has just woken from a 150 year slumber.

Keep an open mind, as well as open eyes, as you investigate the deserted space station to piece together the events that lead to it’s desertion. Save some cute characters and meet some unusual ones.

new atlantis

One fantastic feature of this hidden object game is the interactive map. You can open the map and see where you are and where you need to be, where you have tasks to complete or objects to collect and with one click of the mouse the map will take you there. You don’t have to backtrack through room after room to return. A fabulous invention and a feature I will always make good use of.

There is plenty in this game to keep you occupied and entertained for hours with it’s 200 objects to find in 100  locations. The game features 13 hidden object scenes with some items quite well hidden and some requiring manipulation before they can be found.

There are 35 mini games to solve and 25 different animations throughout that help to tell the story.

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis – Collector’s Edition is a fun little science fiction adventure to take you out of this world. It’s easy to get lost in the space station piecing together clues and totally forget about the real world knocking at your door.

To get your free demo or download the complete the game head over to Eternal Journey: New Atlantis

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