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It seems that quite frequently on the news there is always some article berating parents for their bad food choices concerning their children – how children of these days aren’t getting enough healthy foods in their diets, how we should be doing more to prevent this. Yet we all know just how fussy children tend to be when it comes to meals (I know I was – sorry Mum!) – And it’s much easier said then done.

Superfoods For Kidz are a dedicated company that provide us with a solution and offer highly nutritious, nutrient rich food options suitable for the fussiest of children. Each product in the range is free from processed sugars, artificial flavours and colours and are gluten, dairy, starch and yeast free. Browse through their colourful range and you’ll come across three powdered mixes –


– Berry Choc Chunk – high antioxidant, nutrient dense cacao/chocolate drink – think Milo, but healthier. This deliciously chocolaty powder can be stirred into milk, added to yogurt or ice-cream for a treat. Contains a mixture of raw organic cacao powder, cacao butter, acai berry, blueberry…

– C Berry Blast – immune boosting antioxidants and phytonutrients. A powder that is naturally sweet and can be added into smoothies for an extra boost. As the name states, a mixture of organic berries are included in the ingredients (acai, raspberry, blackberry, goji berries)

– Vital Veggie Power – a mix of powdered vegetables and alkaline greens which can be sneakily added to dinner/lunch meals and your little ones will be none the wiser.


There is also a lunchbox bar included in the range – Berry Choc Chunk Bar -and this bar gets a high tick of approval from my young tester whom reported that it was “really yummy”. This “really yummy” bar is full of vitamins, minerals, omegas, bioflavonoids and plenty of other health-boosting things, just what kids need to help support their busy little lifestyles.

Superfoods For Kidz also have a YouTube channel which is filled with great ideas and simple recipes that are definitely worth your time.

RRP – All three powders retail for $39.95 and $2.50 for a 30g Berry Choc Chunk Bar

Stockists – Visit for stockist details

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