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The 80’s made a stopover in Adelaide this weekend with the Absolutely 80’s show at Norwood Live Friday the 27th. We had Scott Carne, best known as the Kids In The Kitchen frontman, answer some questions for us.

The Adelaide Absolutely 80’s shows feature Scott Carne, Brian Mannix (Uncanny X-Men) and Dale Ryder (Boom Crash Opera).

What prompted the three of you to get together and tour in this format?

It was pretty much inspired by the countdown spectacular tour of 2006 … which was a load of fun, Brian Mannix & I sparked up a great relationship …

Back in the 80s we couldn’t stand each other, it was like playing on different footy teams me St Kilda, Brian Essendon!!

Can you tell us a bit about what’s in store for those heading to Norwood Live to check you out in July?

It’s an all 80’s uber high energy two hour show which sounds just like those 80’s recordings …we sing duets and all in brawl numbers together.

We love it and so do the punters …. We give 110% because it could be our last !!!

DAle R Brian M Scott C

How do you settle on what material to perform, there must be so many choices?

Depending on who’s in the line up …. We change the songs and set list around quite a bit to keep it fresh …. No one wants to go on first, so we often flip a coin on that one !!

Can you share a career highlight with us?

So many …. Meeting Andy Warhol … playing a gig to Prince Charles & Lady Di, last year being half time entertainment at the AFL Finals in front of ninety thousand peeps, having children … where does one start?

Have you got a favourite venue to play?

They’re all good fun …. Always love playing Norwood Live when we hit Adelaide. And can’t wait to play Old Handorf Mill as well on Saturday night after the Norwood show. That one goes off too, apparently.

Do you prefer arena or club shows and why?

Smaller show up to 1000 peeps are the best. You really feel a part of the energy …. I’m not into playing or seeing big arena shows myself – they usually sound crap and you can’t see a thing.

How do you spend your down time?

I don’t have any …. When I do… I climb Mt Everest or just sit on the sofa & watch a movie & sleep !!!

What’s next for the three of you?

We have a novel recording project underway ….. But cant give the concept away just yet … But it will be hilarious …I hope !

What does being Australian mean to you?

“Freedom of choice” to quote Devo !!

Thanks for talking to us guys! Have a great show!

To check out if the Absolutely 80’s show is playing anywhere near you head over to Popshop.

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