Overexposed – Maroon 5

Overexposed is the fourth studio album from the American pop rock band, Maroon 5, and they seem to be moving further and further into the pop camp with each release. I have done some reading and research on the album before I sat to write and this album seems to have collected opposing reactions from critics. I’m no critic, I don’t profess to be. I know what I like and I know what I don’t.

This is a little poppier than I expected and perhaps a little far from the rock camp for me.

Overexposed is toe tapping and certainly uses the wordless pop hook whoa’s more than expected – I guess it makes it harder to forget the words when you get the tune stuck in your head.

maroon 5 overexposed

Adam Levine has a voice that is instantly recognisable even within these poppy tracks, much heavier on the synth than I remember from their earlier releases. I’m listening to Doin Dirt at the moment and I keep thinking it sounds like someone else but I can’t for the life of me think who.

Maroon 5 have teamed with well known producers Max Martin, who serves as the album’s executive producer, Ryan Tedder, Shellback and Benny Blanco.

Payphone is the lead single off the album and features Wiz Khalifa, it was performed on the The Voice (U.S.) on April 16, 2012. The follow up single, One More Night, was released in June.

The Deluxe Edition boasts the addition of 6 extra tracks. A 7 minute cover of the Prince song Kiss allows room for the entire band to strut their stuff, seems to be a live recording, and sounds very different. Also in the bonus tracks are two Payphone remixes and a studio recording from The Voice Performance of Moves Like Jagger featuring Christina Aguilera. There is also Wasted Years, which was originally planned for the debut album.

Overexposed has been hailed both the top and bottom of the Maroon 5 pile so it’s a decision you are going to have to make for yourself. This album is heading in a new direction for the band and it is much more pop, much more synth, but still showcasing the vocal range and stylings of Levine. I think it’s worth checking out, but it would pay to note that there are quite a few profanities on this one which seem out of place in a Maroon 5 song.

Track Listing

01. One More Night
02. Payphone
03. Daylight
04. Lucky Strike
05. The Man Who Never Lied
06. Love Somebody
07. Ladykiller
08. Fortune Teller
09. Sad
10. Tickets
11. Doin’ Dirt
12. Beautiful Goodbye
13. Wipe Your Eyes
14. Wasted Years
15. Kiss
16. Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording From The Voice Performance)
17. Payphone (Supreme Cuts Remix)
18. Payphone (Cutmore Remix)

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