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Bananas were always an affordable and healthy fruit for Australian families, but last year when cyclone Yasi hit Queensland it not only damaged homes but banana crops too.

We saw prices of bananas rise by up to 450%, and suddenly they became a purchase for special occassions, not a day to day item. The new harvest is in and prices have gone back down, but I for one will never take them for granted again!

To celebrate the return of bananas to our supermarket trolleys, Horticulture Australia have released a hilarious mockumentary of a “typical Aussie family” who got just a little bit excited about the price drop…leading them to buy 37,000 of them!

What can you do with 37,000 bananas in summertime? Watch the above video to find out!

This video certainly made me laugh as it hit close to home – while I didn’t quite go to the same extreme as the family in the video I did go a little banana crazy trying all kinds of recipes. Banana cake, bread, pancakes, smoothies, splits and muffins…my kids still get stuck with banana and yoghurt for dessert!

So, the moral of the story is…bananas are back!

Beauty and Lace giveaway

Because we think this video is such an Aussie classic, we are going to celebrate with a little Beauty and Lace giveaway. Watch the video above and using the comment box below, tell us what you would do with 37,000 bananas?

We’re giving away a set of two mystery books (mystery in title, not mystery in genre – we know you love surprises) for one lucky banana lover.

Australian residents only. Competition closes July 17th 2012 midnight AEST. Please use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a winner. Judges decision is final.


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