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Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s sequels have rocketed E.L. James to a household name across the country, if not across the world – if this isn’t your style I would still bet that you know what I’m talking about. It seems that the Fifty Shades trilogy has highlighted a current popular demand for erotic fiction. Some have said this is a consequence of e-readers allowing us to read anything in anonymity, others suggest that a tougher economical climate prompts people to search for a little extra escapism.

Whatever the reason, erotic fiction is celebrating a resurgence and HarperCollins Publishers Australia have just secured world rights to three new Australian erotic fiction novels for a six-figure sum.

Yes, I did say a resurgence – this is not a new genre, the early 80’s saw one of my favourite authors release a trilogy and a stand alone novel in the genre. But it is a genre that I don’t think has seen this amount of publicity previously.

destined to play

Destined to Play is in extreme online demand, and has been ever since it was announced, and HarperCollins Publishers Australia will publish the book in print and digital editions in July 2012.

Indigo Bloome loves to read and a big part of her motivation in writing Destined To Play is that she couldn’t find a book that properly met her needs, so what better way to get one than to write it yourself.

Of the book, and publication deal Bloome says, ‘Hopefully it provokes some frank and fascinating discussion, as it has with my family and friends. My mother was one of my earliest readers! When I started writing, it was primarily because I couldn’t find a book that specifically met my needs. Frustrated at searching for something that didn’t seem to exist, I figured I’d just give it a go myself.’

Destined to Play lends an Australian flavour to what is being labelled the ‘mummy porn’ market and fans of Fifty Shades are going to be thrilled with this debut release.

Destined To Play sees Dr. Alexandra Blake reconnecting with a dangerous ex-lover, the only person she has ever completely let her guard down with. After a few drinks in his luxury penthouse suite he presents an intriguing offer: 2 days, 2 conditions and her experience will be more extreme than any of their previous games. This is a novel that explores the opposing forces of betrayal and trust, control and experimentation and lust and love.

Get Destined to Play from July 1st in print or a digital edition.

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