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For many of us the affair with Johnny Depp began way back on 21 Jump Street. Okay, so I use the word affair loosely but I know there was one going on in my imagination in the Jump Street days.

Many years have gone by since then, and almost as many roles. I thought that I had seen most of Johnny Depp’s movies but it seems I was mistaken, there are quite a few that I didn’t even consider and I don’t think I have seen to this day. After watching the Top Ten Johnny Depp Movies video below I think that may change – I will definitely be watching out for them in the TV guide.

If I was to go check out a complete list of roles that Johnny Depp has ever played there would be lots, and I can guarantee there would be quite a heated debate about which were the best and which were the worst.

VIDEO: Top 10 Johnny Depp Films

Did you know that his film debut came in 1984 with his role in Nightmare On Elm Street, even before he played officer Tom Hanson in 21 Jump Street?

Check out this video countdown of the Top Ten Johnny Depp Performances and see what you think. I am not sure that I agree. There are so many performances that I rate higher than some of these.

There are a couple of performances in this video that feature the sexy voice of Mr Depp, whom I often forget dropped out of school to become a rock star. He was advised to switch to acting by Nicolas Cage and the long and diverse career he has built in the past 20 something years, with some extremely memorable roles, makes me glad that he took the advice.

Johnny Depp is an extraordinarily talented and exceptionally hot man who has a timeless and ageless quality that has just seen him get better through the years. He has proven he can pull off every genre and I am always intrigued to see what he will try next.

Speaking of what’s next for Johnny Depp…..

In his 8th collaboration with the quirky Tim Burton Johnny Depp plays Barnabas Collins in the silver screen adaptation of 70’s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

This is a movie that I am dying to see in all its camp 70’s finery with Johnny Depp playing a centuries old vampire buried alive and accidentally unearthed in 1972.

To see if this is a movie up your dark alley, check out this review. I don’t know about anyone else but everything I see just leaves me more impatient to book a sitter and head to the cinema.

The winner of our Johnny Depp competition is Charmaine Campbell! Thank you for watching the videos!


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