Payot Nutricia Intense

Payot have released two new body products for May and I have been using their Nutricia Intense Body Nourishing Cream (the other product release is called Celluli-Ultra Performance).

When it’s cold I find my skin tends to really need that added hydration, and this jar of cream is certainly helping in that department.

The scent reminds me of that clean, talcum powder smell – and I mean that in a good way. Once applied it leaves a light fragrance but nothing strong or overpowering.

Nutricia Intense

The cream formula has a soft texture and you can feel it working straight after application.

The ingredients include; Quinoa for nourishment, Royal Jelly for repairing, honey for hydration / plumping properties and antioxidants for protection.

This is a really lovely body cream, it’s thick enough that it will give you an intensive moisture hit but not too rich that it leaves you with that sticky, caked on feeling.

Available in stores now. RRP:  $72.00 200 ml jar

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