SLIP Pure Silk Pillowcase

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your life, look no further then SLIP, who create the most divine silk pillowcases – made from natural pure silk. SLIP offers a range of colours to choose from – black, caramel, pink, ice, mocha and charcoal.

Each pillowcase comes elegantly wrapped in a presentable box, with information about silk included.

Switching to a silk pillowcase has many benefits for both your skin and hair –

  • -Silk is hypoallergenic
  • -Silk doesn’t draw moisture from your skin, unlike cotton
  • -Silk allows your skin to glide across the pillow, resulting in less skin stretching and sleep-crease
  • -Cotton pillowcases twist and grab your hair while you sleep, resulting in damage.
  • -Silk allows your hairstyle to last overnight
  • -Silk breathes and is a natural room temperature regulator
  • -Silk is a natural fibre, as opposed to synthetic satin pillowcases which are rougher, thinner and “sweats”, essentially negating the benefits.

slip pillows

When comparing this to my regular, cotton pillowcase, it’s quite unbelievable just how much of a smoother sensation silk gives. As far as the benefits go, its something that you need to use regularly for long term results. I can say however that my hair come morning does indeed look a little calmer and less like I’ve touched a live wire.

SLIP Silk Pillowcases come recommended by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, hairdressers and beauty therapists.

RRP – $59.95

Stockists – Visit for stockist information.

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