Real Style: Sarina and Katya (Mina & Katusha)

Sarina and Katya are the duo behind fashion label, Mina and Katusha. We asked the girls to both choose typical outfit, and even though they are both dressed quite differently on this occassion, it looks as though they have a similar taste in bags!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal style

I am very much a chameleon when it comes to dressing everyday. What I wear definitely reflects my mood. Some days its leggings and flats and oversized tops, other days its tight and tailored with high heeled pumps. I try to wear Mina & Katusha as much as possible and mix and match it with the rest of my wardrobe. I always try to make subtle statements.

I am not fussed about the labels, if I like it, I will buy it regardless of where it’s from. I am trying to over come my addiction to black, but black is so effortless. I am also an addicted to leopard print (blame it on being Russian) I have everything animal print, from sheets and lamps to underwear and accessories.

katya - mina and katusha
This is what Katya is wearing / Mina and Katusha

Where would you wear this and why does it work for you?

I would wear this outfit pretty much everyday, I feel that it’s relaxed, comfortable and stylish. I feel like it’s an outfit that attracts attention but doesn’t make me look like an attention seeker. It also covers all the bits that I don’t like and shows off the bits that I do like.

Explain each piece of clothing and where you got it…

The dress is by a label called Luna, and I bought it at an online sale for around $30, but I did have it altered to make it more me. My boots are Lipstick from David Jones $80, I loved them and was surprised how well priced they were. My tortoise shell glasses are a purchase from Singapore for $40 approx. My ring I recently purchased when I was in Double Bay in Sydney, its Samantha Wills ($50).

My stockings are by Miss Ruby Legwear, which we stock at our store Gusto & Élan, I am addicted to them, they make your legs look naturally tanned and slim, and they don’t seem to ladder. My bag I had made in Bali for around $150, its my perfect carry all bag. I love it. My gold chain my friend gave to me for my 18th birthday and today is the first time I have pulled it out in years.

I really love this outfit so I am glad that today happened to be the day the photo was taken. I think the colours work beautifully together and I feel great! The dress, the boots and the ring are very new, so right now I am loving it all.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal style

I am a bit of an understated dresser and occasionally lash out and wear heels like I am today! I love wearing day dresses or jeans and flats and accessorizing with jewellery, belts or scarves.

I have my favourite pieces in my wardrobe that get lived in and a wardrobe that spills out into my room of others that get left behind! I do love discovering an old piece that I had forgotten about and revamping it to work for my current style. I love mixing vintage pieces with something new.

This is what Sarina is wearing / Mina and Katusha

Where would you wear this and why does it work for you?

I would wear this outfit to work, I was freezing today so I am quite layered up, but I love layering as when you get sick of your outfit throughout the day you can take a piece away and change the style.

Explain each piece of clothing and where you got it…

My Jeans are Cheap Mondays around $80, grey singlet is from Cotton On for $5, my black vest is from Aero think about $80 (I am obsessed with vests!) Leather Jacket is White Suede picked up this one and a cream one at a White Suede sample sale for $100 each, scarf was a pressie from Katy from London, my bag was a Christmas present from my sister & brother, and my shoes are a recent purchase by Wendy & Holly’s for $105 which we stock at our store Gusto & Élan.

Tell us about your business

We started our womenswear label Mina &Katusha four years ago, we design for the girl who likes creating subtle statements with her style. Our aesthetic is to design and create beautiful, feminine collections that have an element of innovation through styles being able to be worn various ways. Just recently we opened our first retail store Gusto & Élan in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Which is dedicated to being a supportive leading platform for emerging designers, we wanted to create a high end boutique where you can discover Australian and International labels to fall in love with.

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